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grouped vesicles on erythematous baseherpes
coalescent vsicle and erosios may appear as larger bullae or superficial ulcerationsherpes
viral culture is gold standardherpes
medical emergency, sepsis work up, acyclovir IV in newbornherpes
small, clear vesicles that become weepy and ulcerated then crustedherpes labialis
usually one side of the mouth and on vermillion borderherpes labials
can cause herpetic memingoencephalitis, profound neurodevelopmental lossherpes
fingers, cause by autoinoculationherpes whitlow
worrisome if along the opthalmic branch of the trigeminal nerve or tip of the noseocular herpes
medical emergency, fluorescein exam: satellate lesions, OPTHO consult asapocular herpes
herpetic keratitisocular herpes
pharyngitis with ulcerations and white plaques on mucosa, gingivia, tongue, palate, lips, chin and nasolabial folds, lasts 7-10 daysgingivostomatitis
widespread vesicular lesion on eczematous skineczema herpeticum
punched out lesions, superimposed herpes infectioneczema herpeticum
macule to papule to vesicle (dew drop on a rose petal)varicella
appears in crops, on mucous membranes, low grade fever lasts 7-10 daysvaricella
highly contagious before 1-2 days and up to 5-6 days after inital eruptionvaricella
medical emergencyeczema herpeticum
avoid aspirin and ibuprofenvaricella
adolescents more likely to have complicationsvaricella
pneumonia, encephalitis, haptitis and DIC - clots are complicationsvaricella
reactivation of latent varicella zoster from previous chicken pox or varicella vaccineherpes zoster
multiple grouped vesicles on an erythematous base in a dermatomal distributionherpes zoster
avoid aspirin and ibuprofenherpes zoster
post-herpetic neuralgia is uncommon in childrenherpes zoster
oral acyclovir can be used within 3 daysherpes
have a prodrome of itching or discomfort and lasts 1-3 weeksherpes zoster
if on forehead ncessitates to nose, eye or forehead must do optho examherpes zoster
scattered red papules in an acral (distal portion of limbs) distribution - palms, webs of fingers, buttocks and toes with discrete oral lesions that appear more ulcer likehand foot mouth
sparse number of lesions may shed from stool for 2 weekshand foot mouth
high fever can cause present in fatal caseshand foot mouth
nail growth may arrest and nails may shedhand foot mouth

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fever, cough, coryza, conjunctivitis, maculopapular rashmeasles
koplick spots and viral exanthemmeasles
immunoglobuilin IGM antibody and vitamin A can decrease morbidity and mortalitmeasles
subacute pansclerosing encephalitis, croup, pneumonia, OM are complicationsmeasles
mild illness with maculopapular rashrubella
specific IgM antibody and viral culture to treatrubella
miscarriage, fetal death, blindness, cardiac defects, sensorineural hearing loss and developmental delayrubella
blueberry muffin spots dermal erythropoiesisrubella
transient polyarthralgias and arthritis in adolescentsrubella
2-3 fever - fever resolves than full body rashroseola
fever can be high and present as a febrile seizureroseola
maculopapular rash starts on neck then spreads outroseola
mild periorbital edemaroseola
herpes 6 virus, no treatment needed roseola
common 4-10 year olds and in springtimeerythema infectiosum (fifths disease)
maybe mild viral prodrome (URI) facial rash (slapped cheeks)erythema infectiosum (fifths disease)
macular lacey (reticular) rash on trunk and extensor surfaces of arms and legserythema infectiosum (fifths disease)
pruritis common, rash looks worse with exerciseerythema infectiosum (fifths disease)
parvovirus B19erythema infectiosum (fifths disease)
can trigger sickle cell disease, spherocytosis & thalassemiaserythema infectiosum (fifths disease)
brief arthralgias and arthritis in adolescentserythema infectiosum (fifths disease)
exposure to pregnant women may cause fetal anemia, hydrops fetalis and fetal deatherythema infectiosum (fifths disease)
children who are immunodeficient may develop chronic bone suppression erythema infectiosum (fifths disease)
can lead to gloves and socks presentation which is classic sign of thiserythema infectiosum (fifths disease)
can have maculopapular rash with and without exposure to penicillinsinfectious mononucleosis
no treatment usually, oral steriods for marked tonsillar inflammation with impending airway compromise, massive splenomegaly, myocarditis, or hemolytic anemiainfectious mononucleosis
rash is NOT associated with a worse outcome than without rashinfectious mononucleosis
groups of large, flat topped, non-pruritis papulespapular acrodermatitis (Gianotti-Crosti)
appear in acral areas (cheeks, buttocks and extremities)papular acrodermatitis (Gianotti-Crosti)
papules on hands, elbows and kneespapular acrodermatitis (Gianotti-Crosti)
usually in kids under 3 and can occur with hepatitis Bpapular acrodermatitis (Gianotti-Crosti)
EBV, HHV 6, CMV, Coxsackievirus, A16papular acrodermatitis (Gianotti-Crosti)
no treatment, lesions do not respond to steriods, lesions may last 2-8 weekspapular acrodermatitis (Gianotti-Crosti)
may have elevated atypical lymphocytes and LFTspapular acrodermatitis (Gianotti-Crosti)

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