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Question Answer
Epidermal hyperplasia causing symmetrical hyperpigmented thickening of skinAcanthosis nigricans
Premalignant, sun exposure. Small rouch, erythematous or brownish papules or plaques. Risk of SCC.Actinic Keratosis
Painful inflammatory lesions of subcutaneous fat, ususally on shinsErythema Nodosum
Pruritic, Puruple, Polygonal, Planar Papules. Mucosal involvement as Wickham Striae. Sawtooth infiltrate. Hep CLichen Planus
Herald pathy followed days later by xmas tree distributionPityriasis rosea
Most common skin cancerBCC
Found in sun exposed areas of body. Locally invasive, but almost never metastasizes.BCC
Pink, pearly nodules,with telangiectasias, rolled borders, crusting, ulceration. Also appear as nonhealing ulcers with infiltrating growth. Scaling plaque, BCC
Palisading NucleiBCC
2nd most common skin cancerSCC
Associated with excessive exposure to sunling, immunosuppression. Face, lower lip, ears, and hands. Locally invasiveSCC
Keratin pearlsSCC
Precursors are actinic keratosisSCC
Common with significant risk of metastasis. S-100 +. Associated with sunligh. Depth correlate with metastisis. BRAF kinase.Melanoma
Asymmetric, border irregularity, color variation, Diameter 6mmmelanoma