Derm SA animal med Atopy and food allergy

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AtopyType 1 hyper sensitization. Atopy (atopic syndrome) is a syndrome characterized by a tendency to be “hyperallergic”. A person with atopy typically presents with one or more of the following: eczema (atopic dermatitis), allergic rhinitis (hay fever), or allergic asthma.
Breeds that get atopy?TERRIER big time
Distribution of atopy?Face around the muzzle and periorbital area, feet, ears, axilla, forelegs.
What do you do when you see pruritis?If there is an infection, rid of it first and it might rid of the pruritis.
Feline atopyVery often in between the lateral canthus of the eye and the ears. Neck and preaural as well.
How do you diagnose atopy?With history and clinical signs
Allergy testing considerations?Dogs get different allergies during different seasons because in fall and winter its mold and pollen in the spring
Allergy injections?Owners won't give the pills usually over long periods of time so sometimes in house injections are best
intradermal Skin Testing and steroids in catsSometimes cats will get so stressed they release cortisol which inhibits the mast cells and histamine release ruining test
Fatty acids and atopyOmega 3s stabilize mast cells and slow inflammation
Serum testing for atopy?Atopy is based only off history and clinical findings so you don't do this to Dx atopy. This is used to determine the type of immuno therapy you'd give.
Drugs used to treat atopy?Antihistamines: Diphenhydramine and hydroxyzine TCA: amitripyline, doxipen. ALSO fatty acids
Steroids used for treating atopy?Pred and temaril-P which is an antihistamine with a low dose of pred. Max 3 tablets of temaril
Immuno suppressant drugs to tx atopy?Cyclosporine: immuno suppressant drug that works great. Put them on it for one month and monitor their blood work. (this is immunosuppressant while allergy shots are just immunoaltering)
Allergy shots cause what? Hypo what?Hyposensitization! Allergy shots are very helpful
Topicals?Oatmeal based, anesthetics, steroids, cold water, washing feet.
Food allergy etiology, age of onset, breed, season? diet change? Etiology: unknown but its not just type 1 like atopy. Atopy occurs between 1-3 and food allergies whenever. Treat atopy first then think food allergy because atopy is a lot more common. DIET ELIMINATION TEST IS BEST FOR DX. blood food allergy tests are bogus.
Clinical findings in food allergyUrticaria which is RARE, sometimes dogs get gastrointestinal dz with derm signs and other times only GI signs, Recurrent skin and ear infections can result!
Elimination test dietFed novel proteins and carbs for 8 weeks. If a type 1 reaction occurs you'll see itchiness within hours. If going an entire 14 days and no changes then not food allergy.
Hyrdolyzed foods are good for what?food allergies!
What can you give your dog during food allergy testing? NOTHING not even treats or rawhides. NO FLAVORED HW MEDS