Derm Sa animal follicular skin dz

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Differential diagnosis for folliculitis1. Baceria 2. Demedex 3. Dermatophyte
Bacterial infx what do you think?Surface level, superficial, or deep
Acute moist dermatitis/hot spotslook in slide. Usually due to antigens and grooming makes it worse
Fold pyoderma predisposing factors and symptoms?under skin folds common in bulldogs and other loose skinned breeds. Also under the arms and legs where rubbing occurs. Pruritis, pain and odor
Tx of fold pyoderma?usually treated topically based on cytology on if you're dealing with bac t or yeast or both.
Superficial pustular/ puppy pyoderma etiology?Usually ventral and on the non haired areas. Can use a glass slide and look under the microscope. Topicals like shampoo with chlorhexadine can work. Can you peroxide but its very harsh for puppies. Usually they have an underlying cause for this such as paratism. ONLY very young dogs. Less than 4 months. Usually onw't need systemic AB
Puppy pyoderma dx and txusually very easy to treat using things like shampoos with chlorhexadine. Can dx using a impression smear with a glass slide.
What if puppy pyo is on feet also?Usually means its a bit more severe and might be able to use system AB but usually you don't need to
SUPERFICIAL PYODERMA etiology?MOST COMMON skin dz in dogs. If you see these you must think bacteria, dermatophye or demodex.
Lesions associated with superficial pyoderma?papules, pustules, epidermal collarettes (footprints of pustules and vesicles). can cause lichenification if severe and alopecia. Do cytology on everything!
impression smears used for? Bacteria and yeast. Very easy to do and stain with diff quick
MOST common bacteria by far found on impression smear in superficial pyoderma?STAPHOLOCOCCUS PSEUDOINTERMEDIUS! Staph pseudointermedius is most important bacteria in dog and the most common. ALWAYS assume you have this first when seeing cocci on an impression smear. KNOW IT. staph aureus is usually a human one don't culture it if found. Schleifferi looks like psuedointermedius. Usually intermedius leaves with therapy and schleifferi is hard to rid of so if you notice poor response to therapy then culture.
Tx of superficial pyoderma?NO steroids until infection is gone. Rid of infection first also because it can cause the pyoderma so steroids cna make it worse. WANT TO TX FOR A MINIMUM OF 3 WEEKS TO AVOID RESISTANCE.
Drugs to use on staph pseudointermedius?1st generation cephalosporins are the best but can make dogs vomit so give cerenia. If not respodnding to 1st and 3rd generation cephalosporins then it's probably sheferi because it's almost always resistant to cephalosporins so useclinamycin. Amoxicllin with clavulanate is best after the cephalosporins (clavamox). Clindamycin is not good for gram - like pastuerella which loves cat bite abscesses. Only use floroquinolones after culture and susceptibility.
Topical tx for superficial pyoderma?Peroxide, chlorhexidine 2 and 3% is better. Also ethyl lactate
What to think if superficial pyoderma is recurrent?1. treat it aggressively. 2. If it's pruritic it could be atopy (#1 cause of recurrent pyoderma in dog cat and horse, food allergy, scabies or flea allergy. 3. if non pruritic think demodex, endocrine (hyPOthyroidism and cushings, immune, steroids

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Tx?Use staphage lysate on the navle lol then forget it

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Deep pyoderma how to guess?Skin will feel thick
What can you find during histo path in deep pyodermas?Broken hair follicles and inflammatory cels.
What are your differentials if you see comedos? dem cush steroids and hypothyroid ALL TOP DIFF FOR COMEDOS!!!
What is a common place to get deep pyodermas?The mucocutaneous junctions
When would you do a bacterial culture?Seeing atypial bacteria on histopath, rod bacteria on cytology (don't give AB until you culture and sens), poor response to empirical therapy, recurrent infx
What is the gold standard of dx of deep pyodermas?Macerated tissue culture. Clean skin surface first want the deep stuff. Always do histopath in conjunction with it
How to systemically tx pseudomonas? Enrofloxacin
Topicals for deep pyodermas?Mupiricin and SSD
Deep pyodermas interdigitally/pododermatitis has what lesions?nodules NOT CYSTS EVER KNOW THIS. Find tracts, bullae and scars also.
Etiology?Can be from allergies causing constant foot licking, demodex, resistant bacteria, and endocrine probz