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• This type of biopsy is preferred diagnostic method of suspected melanomaexcisional biopsy with narrow margins (don't wanna take too much because it might be benign)
• "Lizard" skin, dry and rough with horny plates over extensor surfaces. Normal skin at birth then progression to scaly skinichthyosis vulgaris
• This cancer is associated with chronic woundsSquamous cell
• Pearly rolled border and ulcer on sun exposed areaBasal cell carcinoma
• Which conditions is vitiligo associated with?hypothyroidism, addison's disease, type I DM, pernicious anemia
• Tinea capitis and onychomycosis must be treated withoral antifungals. Other tineas can be treated with topical antifungles
• Severe, persistent fungal infections (tineas), use thisgriseofulvin
• Recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis should prompt screening fordiabetes
• How is candidiasis treated?topical nystatin or oral ketoconazole
• treatment for scabies?permethrin or lidane (but this causes neurotoxicity in children). Treat the whole family
• How do you treat lice?permethrin or lidocaine and decontaminate sheets/clothing
• Serotypes of HPV associated with warts?6 and 11, 16 and 18 are associated with cervical cancer
• Molluscum contagiosum virus? What do you see inside cells that is characteristic?poxvirus, inclusion bodies.
• Treatment "ladder" for acne?topical benzoyl peroxide, topical clindamycin or topical tretinoin with oral antibiotic, oral isotretinoin is a last resort.
• What do you have to do before starting isotretinoin in females?pregnancy test, it's teratogenic
• Eyelid swelling, big nose, looks like acne but begins in middle age, what is this and how do you treat it?this is rosacea, treat with topical metronidazole or oral tetracycline (eg doxy)
• Psoriasis is usually on which surfaceextensor
• Young adults with "christmas tree" pattern on back. Ring shaped/oval patches seen on trunk. Tends to itch. What is this and how do you treat it?pityriasis rosea, this is self limiting and remits within 1 month
• Lichen Planus 4 Ps? What other mucocutaneous findings are possible?Pruritic, purple, polygonal papules. White lacelike pattern. Increased risk of oral cancer with that white stuff
• Tender red nodules, inflammation of subcutaneous tissue and skin over shins. What is this and what conditions have this on Step 2?this is erythema nodosum, associated with sarcoidosis, coccidiodomycosis, and UC
• Pephigus vulgaris vs bullous pemphigoid? Which is worse? What do you see on immunofluorescence? How do you treat?vulgaris is life threatening and worse. You'll see lacelike pattern on immuno, linear pattern with bullous pemphigoid. Steroids for both. Bullous pemphigoid is IgG and C3 deposits at dermal epidermal junction. Vulgaris is IgG deposits BETWEEN epidermal cells, so they're not connected to each other and will fall off
• Biopsy findings in dermatitis herpetiformis?IgA deposit
• What is keratoacanthoma? What does it mimic? How can you distinguish it from this mimic?mimics squamous cell cancer, very quick spread in 1 to 2 months, way faster than squamous cell. Resolves spontaneously.
• Treatment for basal cell cancer?Excision
• Squamous cell cancer in situ akabowen disease
• What is stomatitis? What causes it?inflammation of mucous membranes of the mouth, fissures at the corners of the mouth (angular stomatitis) is classic. B deficiencies or vitamin C deficiency can cause this
• Treatment of tinea capitis?oral griseofulvin is preferred initial treatment
• Firm, nontender, hyperpigmented nodules usually on lower extremities. Have fibrous component that causes them to dimple in the middle when pincheddermatofibroma
• Treatment for dermatitis herpetiformisdapsone
• Scaly, oily rash affecting the scalp, eyelids, nasolabial foldsthis is seborrheic dermatitis.
• Treatment for acne that's not responsive to topical isotretinoin and benzoyl peroxide, what do you try next?Add topical erythromycin, if that doesn't work, oral isotretinoin
• Infection of cornea related to herpes simplex or varicella zoster, patients have dendritic ulcers, corneal vesicles, opacificationvarial keratitis
• Nasopharyngeal symptoms then conjunctivits?pink eye (aka viral conjuntivits)
• Severe form of ocular allergy, with tearing, itching, thick mucus discharge and photophobia, thickened eyelids and surrounding skinatopic keratoconjunctivits.
• Dark red "hemorrhagic crusting" and painful vesicles, usually a superimposed skin infection?eczema herpeticum, herpes simple virus infection
• Erythema, edema, telangectasias affecting the face primarily. Flushing can be triggered by hot/spicy foods, emotional stress, or hot temperaturesrosacea
• Rosacea can be associated with these diseases in adultsHIV and parkinson's. treat with topical antifungals
• Most common skin malignancy in patients on immunosupressive therapy for organ transplantsquamous cell carcinoma
• Mohs micrographic surgery is used for high risk lesions indelicate or cosmetically sensitive areas (eg face)
• Treatment of BCC on the face? On the trunk or arms?mohs, surgical excision with wide margins (3-5mm)

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