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Question Answer
acanthosis nigransassociated with diabetes and GI malignancy
melasmahyperpigmentation associated with pregnancy
umbilicated papulesmolluscum contagiosum caused by poxvirus
layers of skin from surface to baseCome, Lets Get Sun Burnt (Corneum, Lucidum, Granulosum, Spinosum, Basale)
no blood vessels in what layer of skinepidermis
hyperkeratosis and parakeratosispsoriasis
spongiosiseczematous dermatitis (edema in intercellular spaces)
acantholysispemphigus vulgaris (separation of epidermal cells)
mask of pregnancymelasma (chloasma)
auto-immune destruction of melanocytesvitiligo --> complete depigmentation
silvery scalepsoriasis
auspitz signpsoriasis --pinpoint bleeding spots form exposure of dermal papillae
nail pitting psoriasis
facial flushing in response to external stimulirosacea (alcohol or heat will do it)
stuck on appearance seborrheic keratosis
horn cystsseborrheic keratosis
leser trelat signseborrheic keratosis --> suddenly lots appear --> underlying GI malignancy
condyloma acutinatumverrucae
superficial dermal edemaurticaria
pemphigus vulgaris antibodyIgG against desmoglein (desmosome) synomns. can be called DSG
IF shows epidermal cells in netlike patternpemphigus vulgaris
bullous pemphigoid antibodyIgG against hemidesmosomes synomn: antibody against destonin antibody against type 17 collagen.
tense blisters with eosinophils that spare mucosabullous pemphigoid
flaccid intraepidermal bullae that separatepemphigus vulgaris
nikolsky signpemphigus vulgaris (separation of epidermis upon manual stroking of skin)
IF shows linear pattern at epidermal dermal jxnbullous pemphigoid
IgA at tips of dermal pappilaedermatitis herpetiformis (celiac)
associated with mycoplasma infections erythema multiforme
targets with multiple ringserythema multiforme
SJS over 30% of bodytoxic epidermal necrolysis
axilla and neckacanthosis nigricans
velvetyacanthosis nigricans
anterior shinserythema nodosum
sawtooth infiltrate of lymphocyteslichen planus
purple lichen planus
wickham striaereticular white lines of lichen planus on mucosa
lichen planus associated withHep C
PABA esters blockUVB
christmas tree distributionpityriasis rosea
collarette scalepityriasis rosea
herald patchpityriasis rosea
tanning and photoaging raysUVA
sunburn raysUVB

Skin cancer

Question Answer
most common cancerbasal cell
palisading nucleibasal cell
pink pearly nodulebasal cell
rolled boardersbasal cell
keratin pearl on histologysquamous cell
precursor to squamous cellactinic keratosis
scaly plaque on faceactinic keratosis
chronic draining sinusessquamous cell
rapidly growing squamous cell cancerkeratoacanthoma
lower lipsquamous cell
upper lipbasal cell
best prognostic indicator for patient with malignant melanomameasure of depth of invasion (Breslow index)
melanoma subtype more commonly found in dark skinnedacral lentigenous
associated with Hep Clichen planus
increased stratum spinosum, decreased stratum granulosumpsoriasis