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dermatophyte infection of the scalp hair of prebuertal children, hair loss is expectedTinea Capitis
most common cause and lead to "black dot" ringworm because hairs break offTrichphyton tonsurans
causes several patches with broken off hairs with fluoresce yellow and white with woods lampMicrosporum canis
inflammatory stages with regional lymphadenopathyKerion
diffuse fine scaling of the scalp without breaking of the hairkerion
noninflammatory stage of tinea captis lasts2-8 weeks
multiple scaly pustular (sterile) bald areas with distinct marginskerion
sborrheic dermatitis like patterntinea capitis
confirm diagnosis with woods lamp, Potassium cl-, fungal culturetinea capitis
oral griseofulving for 1-3 months, give WITH FATTY FOODS, check CBC and LFTs every 3-4 weekstinea capits
selenium sulfide or ketoconazole shampoo twice weekly recommended but NO abx or oral steriodstinea capits
dermatophyte infection of the skin with ppular, scaly, circular border and a clear centertinea corporis
wrestlers get thistinea gladiatorum
confirm diagnosis with potassium chloride + hypheatinea corporis
topical therapy is treatment of choice that do not involve hair or nails, treat entire lesion plus 1 inch beyond the order of lesion, taks 2-4 weeks to treat, tx pets with leesions and avoid pet until lesion clearedtinea corporis
dermatophyte infection of the feet in postpubertal adolescents, rare in early child hoodtinea pedis
vesicles and erosions on the instep of the foot and fissuring between toestinea pedis
dermatophyte infection of the face, may have butterly fidstrubtiontinea faciei
dermatophyte infection of inner thighs and inguinal creasestinea cruis
occurs in areas where moisture leads to maceration of the skin or mucus membranscandidiasis
white plaques on erythematous base on the buccal mucousa and inside the oral cavitycandidiasis
thrush on lipsimmunosuppressed or HIV
beefy red erythema with eelvated margins and satellite lesions and is always a sign of underlying diaper dermatitismonilial diaper dermatitis
scraping with potassium hydroxide and note budding yeastcandidiasis
nystatin oral suspension, clotrimazole trochescandidiasis
antifungal creams with every diaper change until the rash is gone plus several daysmonilial diaper dermatitis

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adult female louse survives by taking blood meals from the human. She can lay 6-10 eggs per day and lays them on glue like substance in a waterpoof shell. Eggs laid no more than 4 mm from scalp on the hair shaftpediculosis
incubate for a week then hatch and grow into adults in the next 1-2 weeks and can start laying eggsnits
head lice can live 30 days on a single host and lay over a hundred nits: transmission is DIRECT CONTACTpeiculosis
tends to occur i overcrowded, poor hygiene, and poverty conditionspediculosis
infestation of the head; most common in school aged children. DO NOT spread disease, uncommon in AApediculosis capitis
uncommon in chilhood; louse attaches to clothing and feeds intermittently on the human. CAN carry human diseasepediculosis corporis
infestation of scalp, eyebrow, eyelashes and mostly pubic areapeidculosis pubis
exoriated and small bluish macules and papules; usually on the beltline, collar, underwear, regional lymphadenopathy presentpediculosis
excoriated and small bluish macules and papules seen in short haired areaspediculosis
need gonorrhea and syphillis testingpediculosis pubis
premethrin is treatment of choice and retreat in one weekpeidculosis
1:1 vinear solution for combs and tweeters, petrolum jelly 8-14 days in eelashespeidculosis
no lindane under 6 monthspeidculosis
mites that burrow into the epidermis, feed off human blood, and cause intense itchingscabies
highly contagious and through close contactscabies
females burrows into skin, laying up the three eggs a day. eggs hatch 3-4 days and become an adult in 2 weeksscabies
s-shaped burrows on webs of fingers, beltline, elbows, buttocks, armpits and feetscabies
apply a drop of ink or rub a washable felt marker across a burrow and then wipe away the excess = a burrow should be visiblescabies
itching worse at nightscabies
permethrin 5% applied to every square inch of the body and leave on 8-12 hours rinse off in am repeat in one weekscabies
may get an eczematous rash after treatment that may require topical steriods and moisturizerscabies
sudden onset red, raised wheals, and itching. there is usally a white raised center surrounded by a red flaretransient urticaria
as resolves may be flat dusky areas that look like bruisesurticaria
subcutanous extension of urticare. Large deep swelling without borders on eyelids, lips, face, trunk, genetalia and extremties. swelling of hands and feet UNCOMMONangioedma
lesions present above 24 horus erythema multiform
blanch with pressure and fade within a few hoursurticaria
histamine major chemical mediatior and mast cells in angioedemautiricaria