Derivatives of the Trilaminar Embryo

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Question Answer
epidermissurface ectoderm
hairsurface ectoderm
nailssurface ectoderm
cutaneous glandssurface ectoderm
mammary glandssurface ectoderm
anterior pituitary glandsurface ectoderm
enamel of teethsurface ectoderm
internal ear and lens of the eyesurface ectoderm
CNSneural tube ectoderm
retinaneural tube ectoderm
pineal gland and anterior pituitaryneural tube ectoderm
all ganglianeural crest ectoderm
schwann cellsneural crest ectoderm
meningesneural crest ectoderm
melanocytesneural crest ectoderm
cartilageneural crest ectoderm
bone and blood vessels of the headneural crest ectoderm
smooth muscle of the eye and optic nervesneural crest ectoderm
chromaffin cells of adrenal medulla and endocardial cushionsneural crest ectoderm
skeleton and cartilagesclerotome of the paraxial mesoderm
skeletal musclesdermomyotome of the paraxial mesoderm
dermis and connective tissuedermomyotome of the paraxial mesoderm
urogenital system - kidneys, ureter, bladder, some of reproductive systemintermediate mesoderm
connective tissue of limbssomatopleuric layer of lateral plate mesoderm
serous membranessomatopleuric layer of lateral plate mesoderm AND splanchnic layer of lateral plate medoserm
connective tissue and smooth muscle of the viscerasplanchnic layer of lateral plate medoserm
primordial heart bloodsplanchnic layer of lateral plate medoserm
spleen and suprarenal cortexsplanchnic layer of lateral plate medoserm
epithelium of the GI tractendoderm
epithelium of liverendoderm
epithelium of pancreasendoderm
epithelium of trachea, bronchi, pharynx and thyroidendoderm
epithelium of lungsendoderm