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Lewisianhigh grade granulite-gniesses
Torridon Arkosic sandstones
Moine SupergroupShallow marine aranaceous and argillaceous
Southern Uplands Deep marine turbidities
Charnian supergroup Turbidic pyroclasts with interbedded tuffs
Aberystwth Grit Sandstone turbidities in a Bouma sequence
Old Red SandstonesMarginal marine alluvial plains
Caithness Flagstone groupPlaya lake deposits
Numurian unitsMixed carbonate siliciclastics
Westphalian unitsWater-logged fluvio-lacustrine - delta plain
Devonian units Fluvial plains passing into shallow marine shelf
Culm basin Mudstones with interbedded sandstone turbidities
Permian units Widespread series of partially linked basins
Sherwood sandstone group River deposited conglomerates
Mercia Mudstone GroupFluvial sandstones
Rheatic bone bedNearshore reworking of highly bioturbated skeletal fragments - marine transgression
Jurassic oolitic limestoneShallow water carbonate platform
Great Esturine GroupShallow marine lagoonal
Kimmeridge clay Shallow marine - North sea
Portland groupCarbonate ramp succession above kimmeridge clay
Purbeck group Lagoons, saline lakes and sabkha flats
Welden units Brackish coastal plains
Lower Greensands groupCross-bedded sandstones
Palaeogene units, Bracklesham Group Storm influenced open marine, passing into tidal flats then rooted palaeosols
Pliestocene crags Shallow marine-littoral
Blue Lias Interbedded limestones and mudstones in a marine rift basin

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