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Drug used for decreased salivary flow (sialogogue)Cevimeline
T/F: Astringents (aluminum and iron salts) function by denaturing blood and tissue proteins which then agglutinate and form plugs which occlude the capillary orifices.TRUE
T/F: Astringents should be used with waterTrue
T/F: Astringents should not be used with waterFalse (they should be)
Which is true: a. FDA regulations limit the amount of fluoride to no more than 264 mg of NaF b. Probably toxic dose is 5mg F/kg c. A and B d. Neither A nor BA&B true (so C)
T/F: Side effects of Pilocarpine include blurred vision and drowsiness.TRUE
T/F: Atenolol, Metaprolol & Esmolol are cardioselective Beta blockersTrue
What class of drugs are used to treat arrhythmias by affecting Phase 0?Na Channel blockers (Type 1)
What class of drugs are used to treat arrhythmias by affecting Phase 4?Beta-blockers (Type 2)
What class of drugs are used to treat arrhythmias by affecting Phase 3?K+ channel blockers (Type 3)
What class of drugs are used to treat arrhythmias by affecting Phases 0, 2 and 4?Calcium channel blockers (Type 4) Verapamil & Diatelezam
Na channel blockers treat arrhythmias by affecting what phase(s) of Cardiac AP?Phase 0 (type 1)
Beta-blockers treat arrhythmias by affecting what phase(s) of Cardiac AP?Phase 4 (Type 2)
Potassium channel blockers treat arrhythmias by affecting what phase(s) of Cardiac AP?Phase 3 (type 3)
Calcium channel blockers (verapamil & diatelezm) treat arrhythmias by affecting what phase(s) of Cardiac AP?Phases 0, 2 & 4
T/F: Lidocaine is effective for tx of ventricular arrhythmias and is used in a use-dependant blockade against damaged cells.TRUE
Type 1B drugs are not effective in supra ventricular arrhythmias.TRUE
What’s warafin antagonist/antidote?Phytenoadione (Vitamin K1)
Ototoxicity and deafness are associated with which diuretics?High ceiling (LOOP) diuretics (Furosemide temp; EAA permanent)
T/F: Pt is going into surgery and INR is 4.5, you don’t need to do any adjustments to treatment.FALSE
T/F: Pt is on Heparin and needs dental surgery done. Pt should be off it for 1-2 days after surgery and can start up again the next day.TRUE
T/F: Warfarin prevents the reduction of epoxide vitamin K.TRUE
T/F: ACE inhibitors convert Angiotensingen to Angiotensin I.FALSE
T/F: B- blockers are used to treat acute angina.FALSE
T/F: Triple combination of hypertensive medications is vasodilator, diuretic, ACE inhibitors.FALSE (not ACE inhibitor)
T/F: Angina is an imbalance the supply and demand of oxygen.TRUE
Bleeding time is used as a clinical exam for what hemostatic drug class?Platelet Inhibitors
APTT/PTT is used as a clinical exam for what hemostatic drug?heparin
PTT or INR is used as a clinical exam for what hemostatic drug?warfarin (coumadin)
All of the following drugs are anti-platelets except (just list the 3 anti-platelet drugs)
What are the 2 main ions in Digitalis Glycosides?Sodium and Calcium
Patient on Warfarin requires an extraction... what lab test should be donePPT (aka INR)
T/F: Minodoxel directly relaxes vascular smooth muscleTrue
Which anti-hypertensive is most likely to get an exaggerated response with catecholaminesGuanathedine (or a Beta-blocker)
T/F: Ticlopidine binds to ADP on cells…True
T/F: Clopitogrel binds to ADP on cellsTrue
What cardio drug class can cause Hyperkalemia?Calcium channel blockers
What 2 types of diuretics cause Hypokalemia, (in addition to corticosteroids)Thiazide Diuretics & Loop Diuretics (Furosemide)
What Diuretics causes HYPER Calcemia?Thiazide diuretics
What diuretics cause Hypocalcemia?Loop diuretics (Furosemide)
______ treats paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardiaAdenosine
Adenosine & Ca channel blockers (do/do not) work in ventricular arrhythmiaDO NOT
What is the mechanism of Digitalis GlycosidesIncrease inotropic effect (not a choice, so none of the above***)
What should be given for Glycoside toxicity?Cholestyramine (or Anti-digoxin Fab's)
T/F: Isosorbide dinitrate is not used with oral administration.FALSE
What is used to treat Prinzimetal (vasospasm) angina?Ca channel blockers
List the 3 K+ sparing diuretics***spironolactone, amiloride, triamterene** (multiple questions)
T/F: Amiodarone is a K sparing diureticFalse (its a K channel blocker) (AMILORIDE is the K sparing diuretic)
T/F: Amiloride is a K sparing diureticTrue
What 2 drugs increase lipoprotein lipase activity and as a result decreases LDLs?Heparin and Clofibrate (are the only 2 that do this.. can’t remember which on he had on the test)
What drug is used to treat idiopathic hypercalcuria?thiazide diuretic (because it causes greater reabsorption of calcium?)
T/F: Clonidine acts centrally and peripherally to decrease BP.FALSE (only centrally)
T/F: Guanathedine inhibits the uptake of NEFalse (this is reserpine)
T/F: Reserpine inhibits the uptake of NETrue
T/F; Guanathedine reduces the release of NE and catecholaminesTrue
T/F: Reserpine reduces the release of NE and catecholaminesFalse (that's Guanathedine)
T/F: Dabigatran acts in a similar manner to HeparinTrue (supposedly... dabigatran does less than heparin, though... and probably but seems to be used in a similar manner and both affect factor Xa)
T/F: Aminocaproic Acid breaks down fiber clots.FALSE its an anti-fibrolytic (so it is used for hemophilia and has the opposite effect)
What is the antagonist of Heparin?Protanin sulfate
T/F: LMW weight heparin is used orally and is more effectiveFalse (used subcutaneously)
T/F: Platelet inhibitor clinical tests are both in vitro and in vivoTrue
T/F: Dabigatran should be stopped for an invasive dental procedure.FALSE
T/F: Adverse affect of some –statin drug includes myalgia and rhabdomyolysis.TRUE
Which type anti-arrhythmic should not be used for Supraventricular arrhythmias?Type 1 B
Which type anti-arrhythmic should not be used for Ventricular arrhythmias?Type 4 and Adenosine
Which ions are directly affected by arrhythmias ... ____ & ____ but not _____Na & K; not Ca
Main effect of Digitalis Glycosides is to do what?Increase contractility (and this CO)
T/F: Thiazide diuretics and SNSmimetic amines increase digitalis toxicityTrue???
T/F: A patient on non-selective Beta Blockers can have 6 carpules of Xylicaine administeredFalse (xylicaine has epi)
T/F: Calcium channel blockers do not effectively treat Prinzimedal (Vasospasm) anginaFalse (Ca channel blockers treat all kinds angina)
Beta blockers help trat angina by blocking (or decreasing) _____-tropic effects of Epi/NorepiChronotropic
_______ is a Carboxyl-anyhydrase inhibitorAcetozolamide
One miscellaneous use of Thiazide diuretics is idiopathic ______Hypercalciuria (too much calcium in pee)
_____ output heart failure is an indication for Digitalis Glycosides; ______ output heart failure is a contraindication for Digitalis glycosidesLow--> Indic; High --> contra
Compared to Verapamil and diltiazam, nefedipine is unique because ....It is cardio-selective (only affects heart)
what class of drugs cause cough?ACE inhibitors
Angiotensin Receptor blockers block Angiotensin-___ AT1 receptorsAngiotensin 2
If you have diabetes or chronic kidney failure.. what should be monopharm treatments for HTN (2 options)ACE inhibitor or an ARB
If you're black and don't have diabetes or chronic kidney failure... what 2 drugs should be first monotx for HTN?thiazide or Ca channel blockers
A-1 blocker plus epi induces ____-tension, while Beta-blockers plus epi induce ____-tensionHypo (a1); Hyper (B)
______ (drug) makes you super sensitive to exogenous catecholaminesGuanfenidine
T/F: clofibrate increased lipoprotein lipase activity, therefore increases triglyceride metabolismTRUE
T/F: Cevimeline is a PSNSmimetic that increases salivationTrue
T/F: Oxidized cellulose interferes with bone regeneration and epithelializationTrue
T/F: You should use Calcium Channel Blockers for Heart FailureFalse
T/F: Triple Combo therapy included diuretic, ACE inhibitor, nitroglycerineFALSE (should be Beta blocker)

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