Dental Materials

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Question Answer
Oldest cementZOE
Newer cementsSelf adhesive resin (1993) & RMGI (1990)
Cement basethermal insulation (thickness + thermal diffusivity)
Is gold a good base?no (conducting thermal diffusivity)
Closest thermal diffusivity to dentinGI cement
Minimum film thickness controlled by...particle size in powder (actual is mixing proportions)
T/F - 30micrometer increase in cement film leads to 287micrometer discrepancy in seating the crown.T
Luting synonym sealing (retention = taper & mechanical interlocking)
Mechanical interlocking comes from...microirregularities in prep and crown
Filler fraction ____% by mass, ___% by volume70%, 50%
ZOE & non-eugenol & CaOH pastesprovisional cements
Provisional cements MUST NOT...irritate the pulp
___ is added to ZOE to decrease brittleness and increase working time and strengthrosin

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Zinc phosphateluting cement (Harvard, Fleck's zinc)
Long adjusting working timezinc phosphate (zinc polycarboxylate has shorter + potential for adhesion)
Pulpal irritationzinc phosphate
Mild pulpal responsezinc polycarboxylate
Presence of unreacted acid groupsself adhesive resin
RelyX Unicem 2self adhesive resin
Free radical polymerizationself adhesive resin
Micromechanical interlocking + chemical interaction self adhesive resin (acid + hydroxyapatite)
Benzoyl peroxide + amine + camphorquinone + tertiary aminedual cure
Opaque or translucentdual cure
Amines degrade over timedual cure (discoloration)
Early cytotoxicitydual cure
"Sedative" to pulpZOE
Strong bond + low solubilityself adhesive resin
Film thickness ~___ micrometers15-20
RelyX ARCdual-cure
High degree of converiondual-cure

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Question Answer
Permanent cement zinc phosphate, zinc polycarboxylate
Cement basezinc phosphate, zinc polycarboxylate
Long-term provisionalzinc polycarboxylate
Single tooth restorationself adhesive resin
FPDs and Marylandsself adhesive resin
Ortho brackettsself adhesive resin
Cementing postsself adhesive resin
ProvisionalZOE, non-eugenol, CaOH

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