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Question Answer
What are the 5 rights of delegation?1. Circumstances 2. Task 3. Person 4. Direction/Communication 5. Supervision
Name 6 key points for right supervision?1. Ask for the team member's input first. 2. Give credit for all that has been accomplished. 3. Offer observation or concerns. 4. Ask for the delegate's ideas on how to resolve the issues. 5. Agree on a course of action and plan for the future. Identify meeting times
What is the #1 thing that you cannot delegate even to another RN?Initial nursing assessments
What is accountability?Occurs when nurse becomes legally liable for actions and is answerable for overall nursing care for designated clients
What is liability?Responsibility for one's own actions and those that nurse supervises during delegation process.
Which can be delegated- responsibility or authority?Authority.
What is the organ level of priority? 51. Lung 2. Heart 3. Brain 4. Kidney 5. Liver

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