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What does the word Deixis meaning?It is Greek for "pointing with words"
Four Types of Deixis?Temporal, Spatial, Social, Person
Temporal DeixisLocating points on a time axis using the Time of Utterance as a reference
Spatial DeixisLocating the spatial locations of people or objects relative to the participants in the speech event.
Social DeixisHonorifics, social status
Spacio-Temporal ContextThe entity referred to in Deixis
Person DeixisPersonal pronouns; speaker's reference to himself, addressee or other people and entities
Deictic ReferenceSomething identified in context; extralinguistic
Endophoric ReferenceSomething identified in the same text; intralinguistic
EndophoraReference to something in the same bit of text
AnaphoricReference to something earlier
CataphoricReference to something later
What do deictic expressions have?Incomplete lexical content
What does Deixis rely on?Context and common ground, because it is pragmatic
Grundy's opinionDeictic terms are a juncture between grammar and content
What's wrong with Deixis?It can be misleading, and finding common ground can be confusing