Deinna Flores-MedievalJapan Vocabulary

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Question Answer
ClansExtended families
ShintoThe traditional religion of Japan
RegentIs a person who rules a country from someone who is unable to rule alone
Court A group of nobles who live near a serve or advise a ruler
ZenPopular new form of Buddhism arrived from China
Unprecedented Never done
EquestrianRelated to horses
MusteredGathered together
BrocadesRich clothes with designs woven into them
CormorantsLarge diving birds
Inferiority Lower rank
Unpretentious Simple, modest
CoronetsSmall crowns
DaimyoJapan's large landowners
SamuraiTrained professional warriors
Figurehead A person who appears to rule even though real power rests with someone else
Bushido The samuarai code of rules
Where did Japan learn their language from?They got their from Chinese writing.
What influence there philosophy?The ideas of the Chinese philosopher Confucius helped shape Japanese culture and family life.
Where did their religion come from?Buddhism came to Japan from Korea.
Who was Price Shotoku?He was one of Japan's greatest leaders. He helped rule Japan when he was only 20 years old.