Definitions for CGSC (1)

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What is Operational Art?Operational Art is the pursuit of strategic objectives through the arrangement of tactical actions in time, space and purpose. Integrates Ends, Ways, Means and Risk
What is the Army Design Methodology?Methodology for applying critical thinking to understand, visualize and describe unfamiliar problems
What are the steps to ADM?1) frame the OE 2) frame the problem 3) develop an operational approach 4) develop the plan
What is the moniker for the elements of Operational Art?EDCBLOTCPR
How Many Steps in MDMP?7
How Many Steps in the TLPs?8
What is Unified Action?The sync, coordination and/or integration of activities of gov and non gov entities in military operations to achieve Unity of Effort
What is ULO?Seize, retain or exploit initiative to gain a position of relative advantage in sustained land operations to create conditions for favorable conflict resolution
How do we achieve ULO? Through the Decisive Action
What is Decisive ActionOffense, Defense, Stability and DCSA operations
DA is accomplished through whatThe Army Core Competencies
The Army Core Competencies are?Wide Area Security and Combined Arms Maneuver
How do we guide the ULO process? Through Mission Command
The Tenets of Mission command areBEAUCP
What is Mission Commandthe exercise of authority and direction by the commander using mission orders to enable disciplined initiative within the commanders intent to empower leaders in the conduct of ULO

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