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Question Answer Column 3
Deficiency Disease Causes/Symptoms
A. Protein Kwashiorkor Children become irritable, cease to grow, lose weight, skin pigmented, potbelly due to retention of water by the cells (oedema), mental retardation
Protein Shortage Marasmus Muscle degeneration, thinning of limbs and abdominal wall, ribs prominent, skin pigmentation and oedema absent
B. Minerals lron deficiency Deficiency of haemoglobin in RBCs, persons look
(a) Iron anaemia pale, lose appetite and fatigue easily
(b) Potassium (k) Hypokalemia Loss of K in severe vomiting and acute diarrhoea. Rise in heart-beat rate, kidney damage, weakness and paralysis of muscles
(c) Sodium (Na) Hyponatremia Loss of Na, dehydration, low blood pressure, loss of body weight
(d) Iodine (I) Simple goitre Enlargement of thyroid due to low iodine content in drinking water
(e) Calcium (Ca) Rickets and Osteomalacia Refer vitamin D deficiency

VitaminS A & bComplex


Question Answer Column 3
(a) Vitamin A (i) Xerophthalmia or ‘dry eye’/ Dermatosis/Night blindness Lachrimal glands stop producing tears leading to blindness/ Dry and scaly skin/ Night blindness Inability to see in the dark or in dim light
B1 (thiamine) Beri-beri Extreme weakness, swelling and pain in the legs, loss of appetite, headache, enlarged heart and shortness of breath
B2 (riboflavin) Ariboflavinosis Blurred vision, buring and soreness of eye and tongue, cracking of skin at angle of mouth
B12 (cobalamin) Pernicious or megaloblastic anaemia Reduction in haemoglobin content due to disturbance of RBC formation in bone marrow
Niacin (Vitamin B3) Pellagra Tip and lateral margins of tongue, mouth and gums become red, swollen and develop ulcers. skin red and itchy on hands, feet, elbows, wrists and knees.
(c) Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) Scurvy pain in joints, loss of weight, anaemia, gums become spongy, swollen and bleed easily, teeth losses and fragile
(d) Vitamin D Rickets/Osteomalacia Occurs in children/adult. Softness and deformities of bones, bending of vertebral column

Diseases caused by Bacteria

Question Answer Column 3
Tetanus Nervous system Clostridium tetani High fever, spasm in body, Closing of jaws etc
Cholera Intestine Vibrio cholerae Continuous stool and vomiting
Typhoid Intestine Salmonella typhosa High fever, headache
Tuberculosis Lungs Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Repeated coughing
Diphtheria Respiratory tube Corynebacterium diphtheriae Difficulty in respiration and suffocation
Plague Lungs, area between the two legs Pasteurella pesties Very high fever, muscular
Whooping cough Respiratory system Hemophilis pertusis Continuous coughing
Pneumonia Lungs Diplococcus pneumoniae High fever, swelling in lungs

Diseases caused by Viruses :

Question Answer Column 3
AIDS Defensive system (WBC) HIV Immune system of body became weak
Dengue fever Whole body particularly head, eyes and joints.Pain in eyes, muscles, head and joints
Polio Throat, backbone nerve Pilio virus and -intestine cells are destroyed. Fever, body pain, back bone
Influenza (flu) Whole body restlessness. Mixo virus -Suffocation, sneezing,
Chickenpox Whole body Variola virus High fever, redish eruption on body
Small pox Whole body Varicella virus Light fever, eruption of bile on body.
Goitre Parathyroid gland - Difficulty in opening the mouth with fever.
Measles Whole body Morbeli virus Redish eruptions on body.
Trachoma Eyes - Reddish eyes, pain in eyes.
Hepatitis Liver - Yellow urine, Eyes and skin become yellow.
Rabies Nervous system Rabies virus with sever headache & The patient becomes mad
Meningitis Brain - High fever.
Herpes Skin Herpes Swelling in skin.

Diseases caused by Fungus :

Question Answer Column 3
Asthama Aspergillus fumigatus Obstructs the functions of lungs.
Athlete’s foot Tenia pedes Cracking of feet
Scabies Acarus scabies White spots found on the skin
Baldness Taenia capities Hair of the head falls
Ringworm Trycophyton lerucosum Round red spot on the skin