Defense mechanisms

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Question Answer
repressionbanishing acceptable ideas, fantasies, affects; unconscious, to avoid anxiety
compensationenables one to make up for real or fancied deficiencies
conversionrepressed urge is disguised disturbance of body function usually of sensory, voluntary nervous systems as deafness, blindness, paralysis
denialprimitive defense, inability to acknowledge true significance of thoughts, feelings, wishes, behavior, or external reality factors which are consciously intolerable
directing an impulse, wish, or feeling toward a person or situation, not its real object
dissociationprocess which enables a person to split mental functions in manner allowing him to express forbidden or unconscious impulses w/o responsibility for action either b/c he is unable to remember or it is not experienced as his own
idealizationoverestimation of admired respect or attribute of another
identificationuniversal mechanism whereby person pattens self after sig. other; plays major role in personality development, esp. superego development
incorporationprimitive mechanism in which psychic representations of person is figuratively ingested
introjectionloved/hated external objects are symbolically absorbed w/in self; converse of projection
inhibitionloss of motivation to engage in usually fun activity b.c might stir up conflict over forbidden impulses
isolation of affectunacceptable impulse, idea, act is separated from original memory source, thereby removing original emotional charge (anxiety)
projectionprimitive defense, attributing one's disowned attitudes, wishes, urges to some external object
rationalizationthird line of defense, not unconscious, giving believable explanation for irrational behavior motivated by unacceptable unconscious wishes or by defenses used to cope with such wishes
reaction formationperson adopts affects, ideas, attitudes, behaviors which are opposite those he harbors consciously or unconsciously, ie being excessively sweet to mask unconscious anger
regressionpartial or symbolic return to more immature patterns of thinking or reacting
sublimationconscious, instinctual drives are diverted into personally, socially acceptable adaptive channels, e.g sadomasochism of surgeon
symbolizationsome mental representation stands for some other thing, class of things, or attribute, link is unconscious
undoingsomething unacceptable and already done, thought, or felt is symbolically acted out in reverse in hopes of relieving anxiety; ie OCD
splittingdefensive mechanism of BPD, manifests as self or others being seen as "all good/bad," process of keeping introjects of opposite quality apart resulting in an ego weakness; leads to selective lack of impulse control, serves to protect the good objects
projective identificationform of projection used with BPD, lack of differentiation between self and object so that all-bad self projected on all-bad object is experienced in such a way that the impulse (agg. or sexual) is still experienced as well as the fear of that projected impulse requiring that the person with BPD attacks and controls object before he is attacked or destroyed
devaluationfrequently used by narcissists, corollary of omnipotence, split of primitive idealizatio
acting outdirecting unconscious wish or impulse toward some person toward whom it is not really felt to avoid conscious awareness of real object (i.e. raping women due to anger at mother)
decompensationdeterioration of existing defenses