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Section 1 (Joint Exercises conducted by Army)

Question Answer
Mithra Shakti-ArmyIndia and Srilanka
Hand in HandIndia and China
Exercise ShaktiIndia and France
Exercise Nomadic ElephantIndia and Mangolia
Exercise KHAN QUESTIndia and Mongolia
Exercise Yuddh AbhyasIndia and USA
Exercise VAJRA PRAHARIndia and USA
Exercise Surya Kiran India and Nepal
Exercise LAMITYEIndia and Seychelles
Exercise EkuverinIndia and Maldives
Exercise garuda ShaktiIndia and Indonesia
Exercise MaitreeIndian and Thailand
Exercise COBRA GOLDThailand
Largest ever NATO military exerciseAnaconda-16
Exercise AUSTRA HINDIndia and Australia
Exercise SAMPRITIIndia and Bangladesh
Exercise PRABAL DOSTYKIndia and Kazakhstan
Exercise KHANJARIndia and Kyrgyzstan
Exercise AL NAGAHIndia and Oman
Exercise INDRAIndia and Russia
Exercise AGNI WARRIORIndia and Singapore
Exercise BOLD KURUKHESTRAIndia and Singapore
Exercise AJEYA WARRIORIndia and UK

Section 2 (Joint Exercises conducted by Navy)

Question Answer
Exercise AUSINDEXIndia and Australia
Exercise KAKADUIndia and Australia
Exercise IBSAMARIndia and Brazil & South Africa
Exercise ADMM+ Exercise (Multilateral)India and Brunei
Exercise VARUNAIndia and France
Exercise IND-INDO CORPAT (Bi-annual)India and Indonesia
Exercise IND-INDO BILATIndia and Indonesia
Exercise Ex KOMODO (HADR) (Multilateral)India and Indonesia
Exercise ARF DIRExIndia and Malaysia, Thailand, China
Exercise IMCORIndia and Myanmar
Exercise Naseem-al-BahrIndia and Oman
Exercise INDRA NAVYIndia and Russia
Exercise SIMBEXIndia and Singapore
Exercise SLINEXIndia and Sri Lanka
Exercise IN-SLN SFIndia and Sri Lanka
Exercise INDO-THAI CORPAT (Bi-annual)India and Thailand
Exercise KONKANIndia and UK
Exercise MALABARIndia and USA
Exercise RIMPAC (Multilateral)India and USA
Exercise Sahyog-Kaijin Joint exercise of Coast Guards of India and Japan
Exercise ShadeIndia ,china and japan
Sshyog-Hyeoblyeog-2016India and South Korea Coast guard exercise
Cope IndiaIndia and USA

Section 3 (Joint Exercises conducted by Air Force)

Question Answer
Exercise GARUDA-VIndia and France
Exercise EASTERN BRIDGE-IVIndia and Oman
Exercise AVIAINDRA-14India and Russia
Exercise JOINT MILITARY TRAININGIndia and Singapore
Exercise SIAM BHARATIndia and Thailand
Exercise DESERT EAGLE-IIIndia and UAE
Exercise INDRADHANUSH-IVIndia and UK
Exercise RED FLAGIndia and USA

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