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Adaptogensubstance that helps the body to adapt to stress and exert a normalizing effect upon bodily process
Antirachiticcuring or preventing rickets
AntiFeedantsubstance that adversely effects insects and other animals that eat them
Anxiolyticreduce anxiety
Aphrodisiacincrease/stimulates sexual desire
Astringentcontraction of mucus in body tissue
Catarrhexcessive discharge or buildup of mucus
Cholereticsubstances that increase the volume of secretion of bile from the liver
Cholagogueagent that promotes the discharge of bile
Debriding agentagents that removes plaque/tartar
DiscutientCausing dispersal or disappearance of pathological accumilation
Emollientmaking soft or supple in the skin
Emmenagoguesubstance that stimulates or increase menstrual flow
Electuarysubstance mixed with sweet substance
Febrifugemedicine used to induce fever
Filmogenicpolymers tendency to form intro a film
Galactagoguesubstance that increase breastmilk production
DebilityCausing physical weakness
Demulcentsubstance that relives irritation of the mucous membrane in the mouth
DepilatorySubstance for removing hair
DiaphoreticInducing perspiration
HydrogogueSubstance that promote watery evacuation of bowels
Miticidesubstance that kills mites
Nutritiveproviding nutrition
NyctatopicUnable to see clearly in low light
Rubefacientsubstance that produces redness of the skin
Sialagoguedrug that promotes secretion of saliva
SomniferousInducing sleep
soporificinduce drowsiness or sleep
Stomachicpromote appetite or assisting digestion
Taenicidedestroys tapeworms
Taenifugehelps to expel tapeworms from the body
Tonicsubstance taken to give a feeling of vigor or well-being
Vermifugean agent the destroys/expels parasitic worms
Vesicantagents that cause blitering
Vulneraryused in the healing of wounds

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