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Section 1

Question Answer
BrowserLower left corner, stores video clips
ViewerUpper left corner. Where I can see my clips and create IN and OUT points
TimelineBottom right corner. Where I line up my video clips and audio and use transitions to create my video
CanvasUpper right corner. Where I see what's on the TIMELINE, my final product
Command ZAction that "un-does" the previous action or edit
Log SheetA list of video clips with clip number, names and a description of content
Establishing ShotVideo and sound that begin a project, or section of, that set the scene or mood.
IN pointThe start of a segment of a clip to be used on the TIMELINE
OUT pointThe end of a segment of a clip to be used in the TIMELINE
Zoom or PushMoving closer to a subject
Zoom out or PullMoving away from the object

Section 2

Question Answer
Blade cutUsing the blade tool to cut or shorten a video/audio clip that is already on the TIMELINE
Straight cutBack to back video/audio clips without a special transition
TransitionAny of several special method between two clips
DissolveTransition where one clip fades into the other
WipeTransition where one clip changes to another with a hard border
Out of frameThe main subject moves out of the view of the camera, or the camera moves off the subject
Static ShotA camera shot that is locked down and does not move
Cover VideoVideo placed over audio that is related to the audio
Jump CutBad straight cut edit where the two clips are too similar in framing and conten
CutawayA camera shot away from main subject, but related to the subject. A technique used to avoid jump cut edits.