Deep Thoughts with RPD (midterm)

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Section 1

Question Answer
Most versatile...Palatal Strap
60yo pt with HIV.Palatal Plate (more resistant to Candida)
Class IPalatal Plate
Cleft palatePalatal Plate
TorusAnteroposterior Palatal Strap OR Horseshoe
If anterior teeth need replaced, you CANNOT use...Palatal Strap
Good for strong, widely separated abutmentsAnteroposterior Palatal Strap (Palatal strap is also good for Class III)
Good for severe, palatal undercutsHorseshoe
Which has rigidity problem?Horseshoe

Section 2

Question Answer
Needs 8-9mm from cingula to lingual sulcusLingual BAR
Anterior teeth mobileLingual PLATE
Wide diastemasLingual BAR
Teeth in linguoversionPROBLEM
Anterior teeth questionable prognosisLingual PLATE
Need to splint perio teethLingual PLATE
Severely overlapping anteriorsLingual BAR
High floor of mouthLingual PLATE
Prominent frenumLingual PLATE
Large toriLingual PLATE
Severe periodontitisPROBLEM (Lingual plate needed to splint teeth, but Lingual Plate will exacerbate perio problems - more decalcification - fix perio in Phase II)

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