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Clonidine - alpha 2 agonist ( second choice with methyldopa)
Melthyldopa- alpha 2 agonist ( pregnancy)
Prazosin - alpha 1 blocker (in a man with BPH; 2nd choice)
Propranolol- beta blocker - (young pt, essential hypertension due to inc CO tachycardia, hypertrophic
cardiomyopathy, exertional angina, post MI)
Labetalol- beta blocker (hypertensive emergency)
Nitroprusside- NO producer and releaser (patient with aortic dissecting aneurysm; hypertensive emergency,
controlled hypotension)
HYdralazine- mechanism unknown (second choice)
Minoxidil- K channel opener in arterioles ( toxic; hardly used)
Diazoxide- K channel opener ( hypertensive emergency; patient with hypoglycemia secondary to
Fenoldopam- D1 receptor activator ( hypertensive emergency; controlled hypotension during surfery)
Aliskiren- inhibits rate limiting step of renin; lowered angiotensin 1 & 2 (second choice; do not use in
Captopril/ Enalapril - inhibits ACE or peptidyltransferase (first choice; patient with hypertensive emergency,
MI, diabetic glomerulopathy, nephroangiosclerosis.hyperaldosteronism) (not use in AAStenosis
hyperkelmia, hypovolemic states)
Losartan- angiotensin 2 receptor antagonists (first choice, do not use on patients with bilateral renal artery
stenosis, sever abdominal sorta stenosis