Day 5

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Day 5


Question Answer
Shanthi Swaroop Bhatnagar awards are given foroutstanding contribution to science
On whose name is the highest award for services to the development of cinema given?Dada Saheb
Tansen Samman has been instituted by the Government of?Madhya Pradesh
The only Indian to win the Nobel prize in physics isDr. C. V. Raman
The first black American to win the Nobel Prize for literature isToni Morrison
Who among the following got the 'Bharat Ratna' award, before becoming the President of India?Dr. Zakir Hussain


Question Answer
World Turtle DayMay 23
Childrens DayNovember 14
Universal Children's DayNovember 20
International Children's DayJune 1
World Day Against Child LabourJune 12
World Blood Donor DayJune 14
Fathers' Day3rd Sunday of June
Doctor’s DayJuly 1
International Tiger DayJuly 29
International Day of FriendshipJuly 30


Question Answer
ParachuteJacques Garnerin
GunpowderRoger Bacon
TelephoneAlexander Graham Bell
Genetic engineeringCohen & Boyer
Remote controlEugene Polley
Bifocal spectaclesBenjamin Franklin
Bucket seatSteve McQueen
Internal Combustion EngineOtto
Nuclear bombRobert Oppenheimer
Big Bang TheoryGeorge Gamow
DynamiteAlfred Noble
Fountain penLewis Edson Waterman
Nuclear reactorEnrico Fermi
Small pox vaccineEdward Jenner
Railway air brakesGeorge Westinghouse


Question Answer
For measuring altitudes and angles in navigation and astronomyQuadrant
A highly accurate clock used in astronomical observations and other precision worksQuartz clock
To measure refraction indicesRefractometer
Used for determining the electrical resistance of conductorResistant
Used for determining the amount of sugar in a solutionSaccharimeter
It measures the power and speed of airAnemometer


Question Answer
Who is known as 'Desert Fox'?Gen. Rommel
The title of 'sparrow' given toMajor General Rajinder Singh
Michael Jackson is a distinguished person in the field of?Pop Music
The first Indian to swim across English channel wasMihir Sen
Who is known as 'Indian Bismarck'?Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
Fastest shorthand writer wasDr. G. D. Bist
Greek mathematician, Contributor to the use of deductive principles of logic as the basis of geometry, Propounded the geometrical theoremsEuclid
The first Muslim president of IndiaDr. Zakir Hussain
Started as a maths teacher and rose to the position of the principal of Ferguson College, Pune; founded the servants of India Society; served as President of the Indian National Congress in 1905Gopal Krishna Gokhale
The first Buddhist pilgrim of China to visit India during the reign of Chandragupta VikramadityaFa-Hien was
First woman IPS officerKiran Bedi
First Indian test cricketerK.S. Ranjit Singhji
The founder of modern TurkeyKemal Ataturk


Question Answer
Arun ShourieA Secular Agenda
Khushwant SinghWe Indians
M.V. KamathIndia of our Dreams
Paul KennedyPreparing for the Twenty First Century
Shiv Prasad SinghNeela Chand
Leo TolstoyAnna Karenina
Kuldip NayarThe Judgement
Jaya DevGita Govinda


Question Answer
UEFA Champions LeagueFootball
Jules Rimet trophyFootball
Australian OpenLawn Tennis
Davis CupLawn Tennis


Question Answer
1556Death of Humayun and accession of Akbar. Second Battle of Panipat.
1556-1605Akbar's reign.
1571Foundation of Fatehpur Sikri.
1576Battle of Haldighati and defeat of Maharana Pratap.
1581Din-i-Ilahi promulgated by Akbar.
1605Death of Akbar and accession of Jahangir.
1605-1627Reign of Jahangir.
1609William Hawking visited Jahangir.
1615Sir Thomas Roe in the court of Jahangir.
1627Death of Jahangir.
1628Shah Jahan proclaimed Emperor.
1631Death of Mumtaz Mahal.
1658Coronation of Aurangzeb.
1659Murder of Afzal Khan by Shivaji.
1666Death of Shah Jahan.
1674Sivaji's Coronation and assumption of the title of Chatrapati.
1680Death of Sivaji.
1739Invasion of Nadirshah.
1746-48First Carnatic war.
1748-54Second Carnatic war.
1756-63Third Carnatic war.
1757Battle of Plassey.
1761Third Battle of Panipat: The Marathas defeated by the combined troops of Ahmad Shah Abdali; the Mughals, and other Muslim chiefs of India.
1764Battle of Buxar. The English defeat Shah Alam, Shuja-ud-daulah and Mir Qasim.
1765Clive, Company’s Governor in Bengal.