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25th October 1918 Kiel Mutiny
26th October 1918 Demonstrations against the war begin
5th November 1918 Demonstrations against the war end
8th November 1918 General Strike in Berlin and abdication of the Kaiser
11th November 1918 Matthias Erzberger signs armistice for the end of WW1
December 1918 Army returns to Berlin
6th January 1919 100,000 communists demonstrate in Berlin and take over newspaper offices (inspired by Spartacus League)
9th January 1919 German Worker’s Party is founded (by Anton Drexler)
15th January 1919 Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht are killed, the rising is suppressed by 4000 Freikorps
March 1919 Freikorps are numbered at 250,000
28th June 1919 Treaty of Versailles is signed
August 1919 Weimar constitution is drawn up, and Hugo Hasse is murdered
March 1920 Kapp Putsch, 5000 Freikorps attempt to declare new government due to resentment for treaty
August 1921 Matthias Erzberger is shot
June 1922 Walther Rathenau (Weimar Foreign Minister) is gunned to death in the streets of Berlin
September 1923 Gustav Stresemann is appointed chancellor
8th November 1923 Stresemann eradicates the ‘mark’ and forms the Rentenmark; Munich Putsch, SA take over army and newspaper headquarters, Nazis attempt to march but police interrupt, Hitler arrested and jailed
April 1924 Dawes Plan enacted; 800 million marks loaned by the US
December 1924 Hitler released from prison
27th February 1925 Hitler relaunches the NSDAP
April 1925 Hitler forms the SS
May 1925 Hindenburg replaces Ebert as President
September 1926 Germany becomes a part of the League of Nations
August 1928 Kellog-Briand pact (Outlaws war)
April 1929 Young Plan (formally adopted in January 1930
3rd October 1929 Stresemann dies from a heart attack
28th October 1929 Wall Street Crash (50% ages 16-30 unemployed in Germany, raised taxes, lower incomes, closed businesses, lower benefits)
March 1932 Hitler stands as a candidate for presidential elections
April 1932 Heinrich Bruning uses Article 48 to ban SS and SA
July 1932 Von Papen is made chancellor
30th July 1932 Nazi Party in German government with 230 seats
2nd December 1932 Von Schleicher is made chancellor
4th January 1933 Von Papen begins to work privately with Hitler
22nd January 1933 Von Papen requests Hindenburg to make Hitler chancellor
28th January 1933 Von Schleicher resigns as chancellor
30th January 1933 Hitler is made chancellor, and Von Papen as vice chancellor
27th February 1933 Reichstag Fire, 4000 communists arrested for conspiracy, Article 48 removes freedom and bans communist meetings
24th March 1933 Hitler passes The Enabling Act
April 1933 One day boycott of Jewish businesses
May 1933 Hitler bans trade unions and makes strikes illegal, Jews are banned from government jobs, army and restaurants
July 1933 All political parties are illegal apart from NSDAP, concordat is signed with the pope of the Catholic Church; Law of encouragement of marriage is introduced, providing 1000 marks for newly-weds; Dachau is opened
September 1933 Ludwig Muller is made the Reich bishop of Germany, Jews banned from inheriting land
January 1934 Hitler abolishes local parliaments
30th June 1934 The Night of the Long Knives
1st June 1934 Ernst Rohm is shot
2nd August 1934 Hindenburg dies
15th September 1935 Nuremburg laws introduced
December 1935 Lebensborn programme introduced by Heinrich Himmler; Nazis control churches, and anti-Nazi ministers are arrested
April 1938 Jews are required to register property
June 1938 Jews cannot treat Aryans
9th November 1938 Kristallnacht, Nazis destroy synagogues, Jewish homes and shops; 91 killed, 20,000 sent to concentration camps, 200 synagogues destroyed, 7500 Jewish shops destroyed
12th November 1938 Nazis fined Jews 1 billion Reichmarks of damage to German rented property
13th November 1938 Jewish children could only attend Jewish schools
January 1939 All Jews were required to add new first names; Sarah for women and Israel for men
12th March 1939 Mass arrests of Jews begin, 30,000 are sent to concentration camps
April 1939 Jewish were evicted from homes and put into Ghettos

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