Date Night w Radiology

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Question Answer
Gorlin-Goltz syndrome AKAbasal cell nevus syndrome
Gorlin-Goltz syndromemultiple OKCs
The "greater mimicker"OKC
Carnoy's solutionOKC
Swelling, paresthesia, yellow cheesy, hazy radiographic lookOKC
Scalloped, well corticated borders, expansion is late feature, displacement of teeth, cloudy appearanceOKC
Mutation of PTCH gene of chromosome 9Gorlin-Goltz syndrome
Multiple OKCs and basal cell carcinomas, bifid ribsGorlin-Goltz syndrome
Calcification of falx cerebriGorlin-Goltz syndrome
Palmar and Plantar pitsGorlin-Goltz syndrome
Highly recurrentOKC
Rare recurrencebotryoid odontogenic cyst
Polycystic variant of lateral periodontal cystbotryoid odontogenic cyst
Mandibular premolars. Maxillary laterals/caninesbotryoid odontogenic cyst
"Cluster of grapes"botryoid odontogenic cyst
Most common multilocular radiolucencyameloblastoma
Mostly in mandible (75% of cases in molar/ramus area)ameloblastoma
Asymptomatic, slow-growing, root resorption, migration of teethameloblastoma
Mesenchymal tumorodontogenic myxoma
Abundant MUCOID ground substanceodontogenic myxoma
Asymptomatic, slow-growing, expansile, maxilla & mandible equally affectedodontogenic myxoma
Tennis racketodontogenic myxoma
Painfulcentral giant cell granuloma, ABC
Can mimick "brown tumors" of hyperparathyroidismcentral giant cell granuloma
Anterior mandiblecentral giant cell granuloma
Brownish & bloodycentral giant cell granuloma
CGCG is aggressive typecentral giant cell granuloma
Autosomal dominantcherubism
Asymptomatic, bilateral lesionscherubism
Children with cherub facecherubism
Self-limiting, no txcherubism
Not an aneurysm... not a cyst....aneurysmal bone cyst (ABC)
Hemorrhagic blowoutABC
Aspiration shows dark bloody aspirateABC
Pools of hemorhagic bloodABC
Hydraulic behaviorABC
Benign intra-osseous vascular neoplasmcentral hemangioma
Aspiration BRIGHT RED ARTERIAL BLOODcentral hemangioma
Loose teeth extruding due to bloodcentral hemangioma
Handle carefully, bleed riskcentral hemangioma
Compress tooth and blood comes outcentral hemangioma
Maxilla to mandible 2 to 1central hemangioma
Angiogram usefulcentral hemangioma
MRI bright white areacentral hemangioma
Spidery proliferation of blood vesselscentral hemangioma
High pressure, forceful bleedingcentral hemangioma
Bruitcentral hemangioma
Low pressure bleedingABC, CGCG


Male vs Female
Question Answer
OKCmale 2 to 1
Odontogenic myxomaequal
Central Giant Cell GranulomaFEMALE
Central hemangiomafemale
Carotid calcificationsmale
Fibrous dysplasiafemales


Question Answer
OKC30s 40s
Ameloblastomawide age range (AVG 33yo)
Odontogenic myxoma20s 30s
Central Giant Cell GranulomaYOUNG
ABC: wide age rangechildren
Central hemangioma10s 20s
Carotid calcifications50s, 60s, 70s


Separate, Single or Multiple Radiopacities
Question Answer
Mid-ramus, ill-defined clusterstonsilloliths
Just inferior to mandibular canaltonsilloliths
Hx of tonsilitistonsilloliths
Popcorndystrophic calcification lymph nodes
Pain/swelling around meal timesialolith
80-90% occur in submandibular glandsialolith
Very rare, calcification in nasal passagerhinolith
Sinus calcificationantrolith
0.5 to 2.5cm in length. >3cm is elongatedstyloid process
Pain in pharynx on swallowing, turning head, opening mouth, tinnitus, or otalgiaeagle syndrome
Tx is steroid or lidocaine injections in tonsillar fossaeagle syndrome
Benign bone tumor, likes angle of mandible and condyleosteoma
Multiple osteomas...Gardner syndrome
Polyps in GI tract + multiple osteomasGardner syndrome
Multiple impacted teeth, multiple osteomasGardner syndrome
Intestinal polypsGardner syndrome
Most common odontogenic tumorodontoma - complex
Enamel & dentin type tumorodontoma - complex
Multiple supernumerary teethcleidocranial dysplasia
Long retention of primary teeth, delayed eruption of permanent teethcleidocranial dysplasia
Delayed closure of sutures and fontanelscleidocranial dysplasia
Defects of shoulder girdle seencleidocranial dysplasia
Narrow, high arched palate. Increased prevalence of cleft palatecleidocranial dysplasia
Small or absent maxillary sinusescleidocranial dysplasia


Radiopacities w/ Indistinct Borders
Question Answer
Radiopacity w/ radiolucent rimfocal cemento-osseous dysplasia
Benign, reactive, non-expansile, tooth-bearing areascemento-osseous dysplasia
African American womencemento-osseous dysplasia
Teeth are vitalcemento-osseous dysplasia
Anterior mandibleperiapical cemento-osseous dysplasia
Posterior mandiblefocal cemento-osseous dysplasia
Tendency for complicationsflorid cemento-osseous dysplasia
"Traumatic bone cyst"florid cemento-osseous dysplasia
Unilateralfibrous dysplasia
Ground glassfibrous dysplasia
Obliteration of maxillary sinusfibrous dysplasia
Cafe au lait lesionsfibrous dysplasia
Polyostotic + cafe au lait lesionsJaffe's type
Hyperfunctioning endocrinopathiesfibrous dysplasia
Large, weak bonePaget's
Cotton woolPaget's
High serum alkaline phosphatase & urinary hydroxyprolinePaget's
Obliteration of bone marrowosteopetrosis
Reduction of osteoclast fxnosteopetrosis
Exposed necrotic boneosteopetrosis
Mixed lucent & opaque w/ ill-defined bordersosteosarcoma
Widening of PDL spaceosteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma
"Moth eaten" lucencyosteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma
Pain, swelling, looseness of teeth, displacement of teeth, paresthesiaosteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma
Mandibular lesions have better prognosis than maxillaryosteosarcoma
Prognosis 30-50% - recurrence, metastatisosteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma
Growth of intercrestal boneosteosarcoma
Osteosarcoma kinda looks like...chondrosarcoma


Junk in the Trunk
Question Answer
Inhibition of osteoclastsosteopetrosis
Ground glassfibrous dysplasia
Resorbs condyle and anglesscleroderma
Best X-ray to see maxillary sinusWater's view
Osteoblastic metastasis most commonly affect which jaw?mandibular
MRI indications?conservative treatment has failed
Indications of DJD ?osteophyte, decrease in joint space, erosion
Maxillary sinus drainage?middle meatus
Bilateral erosionrheumatoid arthritis
Condyle has a beakosteophyte
Honeycomb appearance + sclerosingthalassemia
Can inverted papilloma become malignant?yes
Wheelspokecentral hemangioma
Hyperparathyroidism can look like...central giant cell granuloma
Epithelial rests of malassezLPC
Nasopalatine/incisive canal cystvital teeth, displacement, expansion
Jellyfish, mucoidodontogenic myxoma
No divergence in roots, lamina dura intact, scalloped appearancesimple bone cyst
Honeycomb, root resorptionameloblastoma
Good prognosis, cyst, minimal curettage, low recurrencesimple bone cyst
????? $%^& ????? !!!! ??? cats sprinkles PANDAs and cats + pandas omgLORDTrue, False
Inadequate hemoglobin productionThalassemia