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National 4 and 5 Administration and IT


On this page you will learn the terms relating to Databases. Good luck!

Database Terms


Question Answer
Databasecomputer program designed to collect and search related information
Flat Databasedatabase containing one file or table of data
Relational Databasedatabase containing more than one file or tables of data
Filecollection of records in database
Fieldsingle piece of information about person or thing
Recordcollection of different pieces of information about person or thing
Formwindow on computer that contains fields or spaces where information can be entered easily
Reportspresentation of information from database that can be printed out quickly and easily

Functions of Databases


Question Answer
Populateadd specific information into database
Editchange existing information in database
Formatdisplay fields with appropriate text, numbers, dates, currency or yes/no settings as required
Add fields/recordsinsert new fields/records as required
Delete fields/recordsremove fields/records no longer required
Searchfind database records quickly using query/filter options
Sortarrange database records into chosen order quickly
Mail Mergecombine database with word software to create personalised letters and/or labels

Types of Database Searches


Question Answer
Simple Sortarrange data into either ascending or descending order based on one field
Complex Sortarrange data into required order using more than one field
Querysort data into specific orders on several fields

Complex Search Explanations


Question Answer
equals (=)will find word/s required
greater than (>)will find numbers/dates bigger than one shown
greater than or equal to (>=)will find numbers/dates bigger than or equal to one shown
less than (<)will find numbers/dates smaller than one shown
less than or equal to (<=)will find numbers/dates smaller than or equal to one shown
orwill find different word/s shown
notwill find words apart from word/s shown

Uses of Databases


Question Answer
Store employee recordsHuman Resources Department
Store customer detailsSales Department
Store supplier detailsPurchases Department
Store budget detailsFinance Department

Advantages of Using Databases


Question Answer
Searchrecords can be found quickly
Sortrecords can be arranged into required orders
Reportrecords can be displayed in required order using queries
Mail Mergepersonalised letters and address labels can be created

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