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cambodian court danceslow dance dramas based on sanskrit epics, khmer rouge kills all dancers. vietnam brings back to est legitimacy, in usa khmer classical dance troupe created.
tahitifemale dancers, quick circular hip movements, weird facial expressions, dance a lot. sexes do gender specific dancing
arioriactor dancers who do dance theater for the god of rain and fertility, oro. permitted to make fun of chiefs, missionaries shut down
balletstarts as a court dance of france who dance to praise the court, order you dance in shows social standing. louis xiv made it big. then by beginning of 18th century, ballet becomes a theatrical spectacle. sometimes shows a drama sometimes doesn.t
hopi danceultimate purpose is to bring rain to patient crops in the fields through snake dance where they dance w snakes so snakes will tell underworld they should get rain and are cool.
plains indians up north they do ghost dance after buffalo decimated bc wovoka said all would be good after. would dance several days until they fell in a trance, which confirmed wovokas prophecy. powwows now occur to remember dance
powwow main eventfancy dance where men compete to see who has the most difficult footwork. always show closeness to earth
keralapullavs, the outcasts, dance to serpant deities to protect against skin disease. do for the wealthy, make a mandala, priest blesses it, pullava man does fire massage dance around it, then 2 girls get posessed by serpant deity and ruin the mandala.
zezurumbende/jerusarema- young women dance to distract, then soldiers come out and fight as a military strategy. renamed to accomodate christianity. comes back as a theatrical dance
god of dance idniashiva
indian storiesmahabharata, ramayana, bhagavata purana
why do europeans not like dancehebrews unsure, early christians, greek, and roman all dislike bc christians deny the body as part of religion
jewish dance historyused to dance after thanksgiving, psalms originally dances and sung, moses sees people dancing to a golden calf and he doesnt ike that so dance stopped. jews must dance at weddings,
greek dance historyused to dance a ton but always recognized bad bc dionysus went crazy dancing, so instead they did plays. pyrrhic- strong, soldier dance. plato banishes dancing bc he is scared of sexual desire. aristotle thinks dance is good bc it purges emotion so we dont actually do it
neo platonic thoughtreal world is inferior to intelligence and spirit. labyrinth dances eventually deemed ok, same w all male dances to show sufferring.
carnivlassome people would be dancing like dionysus crazy and other people would do penitential whipping
yoruba dancespirital and earthly realm meet through dance. sometimes call for posession w oriki music to orisha gods. cool osun gods get a slow dance, capricious gods get crazy dance ex) sango god of protecting children. heads covered. also egungun- family ancestors honored by maskers who don elaborate costumes, then act like the ancestor is alive
aladura churchesyoruba, white robed worshippers invite posession of the holy spirit combining christianity and traiditonal belief.
bharata natyamsolo for highly trained female indian dancer, uses body to suggest abstract form, move skeleton under. seek to do abstract dance that stresses virtuosity and rhythmic improvisation and to show poetry through mime. feet become a percussive instrument
kathakalitroupe of highly trained performers enact stories about heroes, deities, and demons from the great epics of hindu mythology. troupes perform plays, have to have flexy hips. wear make up to show character and completely become that character on stage and tell story through body movements and facial expression. interpret stories from mahabharata
natya shastratreatise that describes and analyzes the techniques employed in the sanskrit plays and dance
vedas4 books that say how to worship
rasasemotions shown in indian dance
devadasisindian women married to god who would dance as offerrings to the temple, told tales through dance
ghana danceuse fontomfrom drums in war and hero dances, communicates through tone. asantehene is ruler and dances to show the victories of his people. everyone dances to pay homage to people higher up in hierarchy, drum censorship, golden stool
balliitalian court dances that tell stories, extravagent, shows social status.
france ballet, who broughtcatherine de medici.
louis xivlouis xiv brings dance back real hard when mazarin shows him to the court after getting them kicked out. est versailles where people dance a ton. he keeps lords from doing dumb things by keeping them busy dancing and makes them pay for an extravagent lifestyle. court dances are v disciplined. est royal academy of dance to systemize it. revolution of 1789 ends all dance
javanese court dancebedoyo, includes aspects of hinduism, islam, and buddhism. danced to show glory of ruler, affirm court's ancestral ties to a divine source of powe, and show disclipline. dances by 9 females syncronistically. performed in a pendopo
javanese dance artifactspusaka- heirlooms
japanese court dancebugaku, repetitive and slow, not individual. show battles and legends
cook islands danceboys lead drum dances, girls do story teling, shows gendered expectations. do team dancing
fez dancingall male combat dances , all female wedding dances. muslim
india single girl dancing for guyskathak
ballicostumed courtiers who act allegorical themes
waltzegaitarian to start, meant to be romantic.


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