Dance exam

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Question Answer
body BASTEmobile shape, felt by dancer, seen by others. emphasis parts of body to show story and character.
action BASTEadding excitment to dance so audience isnt bored.
space BASTEmust be aware of space compared to others dancers. critical for good perfomance.
timingdance needs idea of time to make things go smoothly. pattersn dancers follow certain counts depending on style of dance.
r for restdont do anything that puts pressure on injured knee. rest and relax
i for iceput ice in cloth and then on injure knee. leave for 25-30 min. reduces swelling
c for compressionapply pressure to knee by using brace/bandage.
e for elevateelevate above heart support on pillows. helps blood flow which reduces swelling
4 selections musicfinal decision inspires movement
4 sel music analysislisten and know meaning
4 sel movement selectionattempt moves see what works for u
4 selc group size selectiongroup dances give more possibilities for patterns/movements vs solos and duos

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