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kabuki main idea, originates as whatoriginates as a form of popular dance explores conflicts between desire and convention bound society, literally means off center
balanchine genre of balletneoclassical
ballet and social life shows social discipline, catered for royalty, place in theater shows social hierarchy
romantic ballet, when, and what qualities are important dancing en pointe, female dancer
two huge romantic ballerinas taglioni, who dances like an angel and elssler who dances in a paganistic manner
onnagata, celebrity dude, how passeddancers who specialize in playing women, tamasburo is a celebrity Onnagata
Who choreographs the nutcrackerpetipa, Tchaikovsky, Petipa dies so Tchaikovsky continues and does the snowflake scene
Who redoes nutcrackerBalanchine 1990
Mark Morrisbases ballet of comics in his recreation of the nutcracker to represent 1970s suburbia
romantic balletdance en pointe, women
who uses machinarydidelot
white balletsromantic ballets, focus on effortless flight into realm beyond, 1 act during day at exotic locale, 1 at night
la sylphidefirst romantic ballet, gurn gets w effie in the end and the sylph dies and james is w no one and the witch is happy, fokine, tag
giselleheight of romantic ballet, inc giselle the peasant girl w a weak heart who dances herself to death, willies- supernatural women scorned by lovers bc man left them at the alter.
who brings ballet to russiacatherine the great
patting jubaployrhythmic clapping
marie sallefirst rofessional dancer, 1700-1756, result of louis xiv creating paris opera, dramatic expression, long skirt that shows feet, no mask
marie anne camargoeven shorter skirt, male gaze, does male steps
romanticism whenmid 19th century
marie taglioniperforms first romantic ballet called la sylphide, unattainable woman, en pointe, soft billowy short tutu
fanny elssler1810-84, famous dance- cuchaca, castonettes in hand, sensual spanish flare
carlotta grisiperforms giselle
imperial russian ballet whenlate 19th century
which dances part of imperial russian balletswan lake, nutcracker, sleeping beauty
who has builds st petersburgpeter the great, it functions as a window on europe
petipachoreographer of russian imperial ballet, does swan lake, nut cracker, sleeping beauty. he uses tchakofsky's music
what happens in sleeping beautyshe's the princess, prince wakes her up w a kiss, lillac fairy keeps her from dying
nutcrackerivanov takes over once petipa dies and does snowflake scene
what happened in increaseshold hands w other dancers, expand and come together like creatures
what happened in herman shermanduet w tall woman, quick juxtaposes smooth, humerous
sweet of dancesdancer w cello solo, playful
pictures at exhibitionall dance together
How was African dance kept alive during the slave tradedance to masters tunes
Popular ballroom dancequadriles, reels, cotillions
Patting jubapolyrhythmic clapping and slapping
Calendaline/circle dance, slap thighs together
First indigenous American theaterblack minstrel shows- 1830s,
Cakewalkexaggerated parodies of ballroom, first American dance to cross over from black to white society and from stage to ballroom
Did whites people like black dancingyes, they stole it
Savoy ballroomHarlem Renaissance ballroom where black people would dance
Lindy hopsolo couple dance w solo improv during break away, whiteys Lindy hoppers, manning creates the over the head backstep
In Brazil how has African dance influncedRoman Catholics integrate aspects of African culture through the entrundo and congada
candomble temple El Salvadorblack women in white hoop skirts dance in slow circles around the floor to appease orixas by letting deities enter their heads and ride them, same as yorubA
Brazilian cArnivalcelebrates African and Portuguese fusion, dance to let out pent up energy of winter
Entrundocostumes that hide identity so everyone acts as they aren't supposed to
Congadamock coronation of af king
Big dance in Brazilsamba, esp during rancho- day of the kings
Which parts of swan lake does ivanov choreographact 2, act 4
Storyline swan lakesiegfrieds mom wants him to get married, Siegfried meets a swan he wants to marry named odette, he ends up not marrying her bc odile tricks him into thinking she's odette, so odette stays a swan. Then Siegfried and odette jump in lake and kill themselves together.
Order of romantic balletsentree, adagio, male variation, female variation, coda
How many fortes does odile perform32
What's an adagioman helps woman dance
Candomble and what worship the same deitiesorisha
akram khan Derived fromkathak and brought to a contemporary spectrum
akram khan Characteristicsrepetitive, trans like, in the moment, took space with them and travelled
When do slaves move northend of 20th century
When so white people jitterbug1940
Buddy dean showshows dances and only give blacks one day a month to dance. Rather than integrate the station cancelled the show
Isadora Duncandances barefoot, uses natural movements such as walking and jumping, early 1900s
Michel Fokineinspired by Duncan, creates a dynamic flow of action, use full body, research and details into setting. patrouchka, dying swan, la sylphide
One of Fokines worksdying swan to show the death of ballet and the Russian monarchy
Ballet russesavante garde ballet performed in France, controlled by Diaghilev, brings dancers from Russia
5 major choreographers of the Ballet russeFokine, Nijinsky, Massine, balasky
PetrouchkAchoreographed by Fokine, composed by Stravinsky, dancer Nijinsky. This shows a realistic representation of life through detail and goes against the aesthetics of Ballet
Modernismart and life fused as a sensational event,
Ballet around at the time of modernismballet rousse
Afternoon of a faunechoreographer and dancer Nijinsky, dude falls in love w nymph and jacks off on a rock
Rite of springNijinsky, ballerina hops and isn't elegant and dances herself to death
Paradeby Massine, Picasso does costumes, carnival performers try getting people to watch their show. In the end no one wants to showing the failures of society post ww2
What's unique about Nijinskano one tells her what to do
Les noceswritten by Nijinska, about the duty to be married and the relationship between the individual and the community. The dancers make geometric shapes
Les train bleuNijinska, shows people playing sports and has a heavy cinematic influence
Balanchinelast great choreographer of ballet rousse.
Kirsteinpatron who wants to make American ballet so he starts the school of American ballet
How does Balanchine change balletmakes it faster, champions abstract ballet by creating pieces w no narrAtive
Arthur Mitchellblack performer in one of balanchines ballets, starts dance theater in Harlem
Fulleruses billowy skirts and dramatic music, she is art nouveau
Ruth st Dennisskirt dances which is a mix of other dances, she dances as Radha with a balance of the sensual and spiritual
Denishawn schoolDennis and Ted Shawn which is the center of the modern dance world for 10 yrs, Shawn is more commercial and they split bc Shawn thinks dance is only for men
Martha grahamwants to use modern dance for personal symbolism, rejects rijidity in dance, some of her dances are Danse and lamentation, does a lot of contraction and release
Jose limonmakes moors pavane which compressed the turbulent emotions of Shakespears othello into the formal framework of court Dance
Fokineunified work of art without interruption, expressive dancing that would make use of the whole body down to the last muscle, all parts harmonious, dances w pavlova a lot
What aspect of dance is Nijinsky known for, who choreographs for himleaps, Fokine
Balanchinechoreographs to affirm classical tradition, choreographs Apollo showing athletic embodiment of creative principle and treats dance as intensely human, prodigal son shows kid getting relieved of sins
Balanchines dance troopAmerican ballet, funded by Kirstein,
Dunhamwants to connect to the black roots of America, studies dances of Haiti to choreograph, dunham company
Who revives dunhams worksailey
Cunninghamorder of steps in dances is random and have no meaning.
Paul Taylordances w graham and Cunningham and makes weird shit where people just sit for several minutes and stuff
Tharpdances to jelly roll Morton, wants to reinvent dance by exploring the fundamentals of bodies moving through space and time
Blues from the jungleshows members of the black community, inc socially abhorrent aspects of society. pomare
Alvin Aileybring af American life to stage, preserve legacy, makes revelations, Judith jenson takes over after , let's choreographers choreograph to their own music
Bill t joneslikes classical dance and the avant garde, uses spoken word, 21
Urban bushwomenby zollar's company, shelter was about homeless black women, all female
Chicken soupblack woman dancing in the kitchen, cummings
humphrey and weidmansuspension and recovery
nikolaisshow motion on stage, interested in standard movement
duncanbarefoot, free, greece, nature
st dennissees cigerette ad w isis--> fascination with indian culture
weidmancomedic, mime aesthetic
solomon jrjudson group, explores how dance operates in public places, black but not really
fagandance about aids in real new york, lion king
bill t jones and arnie zanemake their own comapny
jerome robbinswest side story, inspires michael jackson, choreographs for nyc ballet

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