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Stomatodeumcavity between Frontal Prominence and Cardiac Bulge
First Pharyngeal Arch differentiates intomaxillary and mandibular processes
Epithelial derivative component of toothEnamel
Neural Crestorigin of all tooth structures except for enamel
Enfolding from epithelium into ectomesenchyme that will develop into tooth budsDental Laminae (max and man)
What is between the ectomesenchyme and epithelium of the Dental Lamina?Basement Membrane
The first cells to differentiate and signal for tooth mineralization of tooth development are in the ___Inner Enamel Epithelium of the Enamel Organ
What starts developing first? enamel or dentinDentin starts first, (though the pre-odontoblasts are stimulated to differentiate and then build dentin by the pre-ameloblasts... pre-ameloblasts don't start creating enamel layer until there is dentin to build it against)... basement membrane is still present initially
Layers of the Enamel OrganInternal Enamel Epithelium (IEE), External Enamel Epithelium (EEE), Stellate Reticulum
What LAYER of the ENAMEL ORGAN adjoins the DENTAL PAPILLA?Internal Enamel Epithelium (enamel genesis from this layer)
What LAYER of the ENAMEL ORGAN adjoins the DENTAL FOLLICLE?External Enamel Epithelium (EEE)
What LAYERS surround the STELLATE RETICULUM?IEE and EEE (Stellate Reticulum is middle layer of the ENAMEL ORGAN, which is of epithelial origin)
What ectomesenchymal structure surrounds and encapsulates the enamel organ?Dental Follicle
What ectomesenchymal structure invaginates the enamel organ?Dental Papilla
During what stage is the ENAMEL KNOT visible? and where?Visible during cap stage, disappears by bell stage... found in the stellate reticulum adjoining the center of the IEE
Ectomesenchymal tissue has its origins in the ____ ____Neural Crest
What tooth structure(s) is/are derived from the ENAMEL ORGANenamel
What tooth structure(s) is/are derived from the DENTAL PAPILLAdentin and pulp
What tooth structure(s) is/are derived from the DENTAL FOLLICLE (SAC)Cementum, Periodontal Ligament, Alveolar Bone