D&C 1-76

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D&C 1Preface
D&C 2Elijah's Coming
D&C 3Lost Manuscript
D&C 4Qualifications for Missionary Work
D&C 5Martin Harris- Witnesses of the Book of Mormon
D&C 6Oliver Cowdery - A Witness of a Previous Witness
D&C 7John’s Desire Granted
D&C 8The Spirit of Revelation
D&C 9Study it out in Your Mind
D&C 10Don’t Retranslate - My Wisdom is Greater than the Cunning of the Devil
D&C 11Hyrum Smith - First Seek to Obtain My Word
D&C 12Joseph Knight Sr. - A Call to Labor
D&C 13Aaron Priesthood Restoration
D&C 14David Whitmer - A Call to Serve
D&C 15John Whitmer - A Call to Labor

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D&C 16Peter Whitmer - A Call to Labor
D&C 17The Three Witnesses of the Book of MormonThe Three Witnesses of the Book of Mormon
D&C 18The Worth of Souls
D&C 19I God Have Suffered These Things for All - the Atonement
D&C 20The Organization and Government of the Church
D&C 21The Prophet Speaks as God’s Mouth Piece
D&C 22Dead Works Can Not Save You
D&C 23Duties for Oliver Cowdery, Hyrum Smith, Samuel H. Smith, Joseph Smith Jr,. Joseph Knight
D&C 24Joseph Smith - Magnify Thine Office
D&C 25Emma Smith - An Elect Lady

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D&C 26The Law of Common Consent
D&C 27The Sacrament - Armor of God
D&C 28Thou Shalt Not Command Him Who is at thy Head
D&C 29The Elect to be Gathered
D&C 30Counsel to the Whitmer Brothers
D&C 31Revelation to Thomas B. Marsh
D&C 32The First Mission to the Lamanites
D&C 33Ezra Thayre and Northrop Sweet - Preach Gospel in 11th hour
D&C 34Orson Pratt - A Call to Serve
D&C 35Sidney Rigdon’s Call to be a Scribe for the JST
D&C 36Edward Partridge Called to Preach
D&C 37Gather to the Ohio
D&C 38The Great I Am, the God of Zion, Yesterday, Today, and Forever

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D&C 39James Covill - Receive Me, Receive Power
D&C 40James Covill - Broken Covenants Because of Cares of the World
D&C 41A Call to First Bishop in the Restored Church
D&C 42The Law of Consecration Revealed
D&C 43Law of Revelation for the Church
D&C 44Elders Called to Assemble to Kirtland
D&C 45The Second Coming of Jesus Christ
D&C 46Gifts of the Spirit
D&C 47John Whitmer’s Call to be Church Historian
D&C 48Land Procedures for Gathering to Ohio

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D&C 49Revelation Refuting the Doctrine of the Shaking Quakers
D&C 50Preach and Receive Truth by the Spirit to Avoid False Spirits and Doctrines
D&C 51Regulation of Stewardships and Properties Consecrated
D&C 52Teach What Apostles and Prophets Have Written by the Spirit
D&C 53A. Sidney Gilbert called to Forsake World, Preach, be an Agent to the Church
D&C 54Covenants of Consecration not Kept - Thompson Saints to Move to Missouri
D&C 55W.W. Phelps called to work as a Printer for the Church
D&C 56I the Lord Command and Revoke
D&C 57Zion’s Center Place
D&C 58The Will of the Lord Concerning the Land of Missouri and People of Zion

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D&C 59Instructions and Promises for Proper Sabbath Day Observance
D&C 60Do not hide your Talents
D&C 61Satan Rides Upon the Waters
D&C 62Testimonies Shared Help bring a Remission of sins
D&C 63Faith Comes not by Signs, but Signs follow those that Believe
D&C 64We Must Forgive All Men
D&C 65A Prayer for the Kingdom of God to Go Forth that the Kingdom of Heaven may Come
D&C 66Revelation Directed to William E. McLellin
D&C 67The Divine Language of the Revelations of God
D&C 68Definition of Scripture - the Presiding Bishop - A Parents Charge

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D&C 69A Sacred Trust of Publishing the book of Commandments and Handling the Lord’s Money
D&C 70Stewards Appointed to Publish Book of Commandments
D&C 71A Mission of Joseph and Sidney to Combat Apostate Writings
D&C 72Second Bishop - Duties of a Bishop
D&C 73Proper Use of Time
D&C 74Explanation of 1 Corinthians 7:14
D&C 75Missionary Duties
D&C 76Vision of the Three Degrees of Glory