Cytokines (CD, interferon, TNF, Interleukins)

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CD, cell id

Question Answer
CD16 (Fc-gammaR III)Expressed on NK cells and crosslinks to Fc of antibodies and kills
CD4CD4+ helper T cell
CD8CD8+ cytotoxic T cell
CD19coreceptor along with CD21; amplify signal to B-cell
CD21coreceptor along with CD19; amplify signal to B-cell
CD22equivalent of CTLA4; inhibits
CD31helps in diapedesis
CD32equivalent of CTLA4; inhibits
CD74Invariant chain blocking the MHC II
CD80 (B7 molecule)On APCS and binds CD28 , activation of clonal expansion of T cells
CD152 CTLA 4CTLA4 on T-cell binds to CD80 outcompetes for CD28; inhibitory signal for T cells
CD95Fas; binds to FasL and inudces apoptotic death

Section 2

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Interleukin ILsignal between WBCs
TNFtumor necrosis factor
Interferon INFType 1(INF-a and INF-b) intracellular virus; FURTHER DOWN REGULATE MHC Class I causing NK cells to kill virus
Interferon gammaType 2 - converts monocytes to macrophages
CD Cell differenceCell ID; indetification


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IL - 1Released from macrophages; inflammation; Fever; released by mast cells
IL - 2T cells CLONAL after Signal 1 and Signal 2
IL - 3B cells
IL - 4IgE
IL - 5IgA
IL - 6Release from macrophages; Fever, production of acute phase proteins from liver
IL - 7Secreted by THYMIC EPITHELIAL CELLS and changes DN to DP T cell
IL - 8CXCL8; found in endothelial cells and help in diapedesis
IL -10Suppresses cell mediated immunity
IL -12Promotes cell mediated immunity, Formation of CD4 to Th1

Other cytokines

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TNF-alphasecreted by mast cells for inflammation to recruit monocytes and neutrophils
Acute Phase CytokinesIL-1, IL-6, IL-8, IL-12, TNF-alpha


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kinins, plasmins, arachidonic acidsinflammatory mediators
plasmin and kininsactivate COMPLEMENT Cascade
selectinsfound on endothelium cells and play role in diapedesis
integrinsbinds to ICAM-1 or ICAM-2


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PRRPattern Recognition Receptor that recognize PAMP
Types of PRRextracellular surface, intracellular, secreted
Extracellular PRRs (2)Mannose/Scavenger - lysosomal rxn; Toll-Like Receptors (TLR) - express genes for release of cytokines
Intracellular PRRs (1 receptor, w/ 2 fates)NOD-like receptors - cytokine releases; cell death (if infected)
Secreted PRRComplement receptor - complement cascade

Toll Like Receptors

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Toll Like Receptor AdaptorsMyd88, MAL(Myd88 Adaptor-like), TRIF, TRAM