Cyclins and Cdks

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Question Answer
What occurs in Cdk2 nulls Meiosis is disrupted
What cells is CyclinA required in?ESS + SS
Which cyclins function partially redundantly?E and A
What cell types are affected by CDK4-?B cell, pituitary and mammary epithilium
When was Santamaria paper?2007
What could cdc25 and wee1 be described asMutants in which cell cycle is uncoupled from growth
What cells are CDK6 required inHaematopoetic cells - controls cell size
Descibe Xenopus cell free extract systemarrested @ G2-prophase 1 boundry. Promoted by MPF. Assay for progression = HisH1P
What is the minimal CDK recognition motif?STP or SSP
How is Plk recruited to the kinetochore?CDK phosphorylation of InCenP protein provides a landing platform
How are signals from DNA damage checkpoint relayed to entry network"?Mik1 inhibits premature mitosis by responding to unreplicated DNA
What are cyc D,E reffered to as collectively? What are they responsible for?Interphase cyclins. Orderly progression of events in iphase
What do D cyclins d to pocket proteins?Partially inactivate
What is the classical function of cyclin A ?S-G2 progression
How has cdk and cyclin function been re-evalutedSystematic k/o within germline
What evidence is there that no compensation b/w CDks occursoss of multiple CDKs enhances the scope of these developmental defects but does not result in a general disturbance of the cell cycle in most cell types
What is the most striking result of genetic interregationt mouse embryos develop normally until mid gestation without all interphase CDKs
What are cancer specific changes to cell cycle?. However, E-type cyclins are often overexpressed in human tumours, and expression of the p21 and p27 inhibitors is frequently silenced during tumour development1. These observations suggest a potential involvement of CDK2 in human cancer.