Customer Care

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National 4 and 5 Administration and IT

This page will help you learn about Customer Care.

Features of Good Customer Care

Question Answer
Put customers firstTreat customers like kings and queens
Issue a mission statementGive customers the company policy
Deal with complaints efficientlySet in place a customer complaints policy
Communicate effectivelyTalk and listen to customers carefully
Provide good after sales serviceHelp customers, if required, in the future
Train staff in customer careEnsure staff know how to deal with customers
Keep staff up-to-dateGive staff current company and product information
Take actionDeal with customer’s problems effectively

Benefits of Good Customer Care

Question Answer
Satisfied customersExisting customers are happy with products or services.
Loyal customersExisting customers will keep coming back to the business.
New customersExisting customers will recommend the business to others.
Satisfied staffEmployees will be happy and work well.
Low staff turnoverEmployees will want to stay with the business.
Low staff costsNo new staff need to be recruited which is cheaper for the business.
Good reputationThe business will have a good name in the community.
Competitive edgeThe business will be better than competitors with more customers.
Increased salesNew and existing customers will cause sales of products or services to rise.
Increased profitsThe business will make more and more money.

Impact of Poor Customer Care

Question Answer
Dissatisfied customersExisting customers are unhappy with products or services.
Loss of customersExisting customers will take their business elsewhere.
Bad publicityExisting customers will tell others about poor products or services and business will get a bad name in the community.
Demotivated staffEmployees will make mistakes and be stressed when not trained properly.
High staff turnoverEmployees will want to leave the business and look for jobs elsewhere.
High staff costsNew staff need to be recruited and trained which will cost money.
Poor competitive edgeThe business will be worse than competitors with fewer customers.
Decreased salesSales will fall as no new customers come to the business and existing ones go elsewhere.
Increased profitsThe business will make less and less and even begin to make a loss.
Threats of legal actionThe business may be sued by customers and/or staff which will cost the business money.

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