Curved mirror technology. drawing ray diagrams in concave mirrors

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Section 1

Question Answer
concave mirrorcentre of mirror bulges away from you. reflection is from the inner surface of sphere
convexcentre of mirror bulges toward you. relfection is from the outer surface of the sphere
centre of curvature (C)of a mirror is the centre of the sphere, part of the surface that forms the curved mirror part
principal axis (PA)the line going through the centre of curvature and the centre of the mirror
vertex (V)point where principal axis intersects mirror. FORMS 90 DEGREE ANGLE
focus (F)point halfway between vertex and centre of curvature

Section 2

Question Answer
when incident ray travels parallel to the principal axisit is reflected through the focus (F)
when an incident ray passes through the centre of curvature (C)it is reflected back onto itself
when an incident ray passes through the focus (F)the reflected ray is parallel to the principal axis.
object is at csame size
object is between c and fthe bigger
object is beyond csmaller

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