Cumulative nutrition info

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Question Answer
calories per gram for Carbs4
calories per gram for Fat9
calories per gram for Protein4
calories per gram for alcohol7
AMDR Range for Fat20-35%
AMDR Range for Carb45-65%
AMDR Range for Protein10-35%
AMDR Range for Sat Fat7%
What foods would be considered oilsveggie oil, fatty fish, nuts, avocado, mayo, salad dressing, margarine
How are short and medium chain fatty acids absorbed?portal vein to blood stream from enterocytes
How are long chain, cholesterol and phospholipids absorbed?chylomicron, lacteal, lymph, bloodstream
Branoutside, high fiber, Vit B
Germembryo high in vit E and antioxidant
Endospermstarchy middle, protein
Whole Wheatall components of the grain
Enriched Wheatonly endosperm plus added vitamins and minerals
Wheatonly endosperm protein
Type one Diabetesrare immune disease destruction of insulin producing cells glucose can't get into the body cells
Type two Diabetesdevelops over lifetime usually overweight or obese, insulin production is less productive
Gluconeogenesisacts on the liver to make glucose out of non carbohydrate materials
What happens with consumption of too much protein?heart disease, kidney stones, osteoporosis, cancer, nutrient displacement
Kwashiorkorsevere deficiency of dietary protein, edema and legions
Marasmussever kcal deficiency emaciated appearance and low blood pressure
Hormone Sensitive Lipaselipolysis stimulator
LPLlipogenesis stimulator

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