Cumulative Accounting

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Question Answer
Accumulated DepreciationContra-Asset; Balance Sheet; Credit
Allowance for Doubtful AccountsContra-Asset; Balance Sheet; Credit
AmortizationOperating Expense; Income Statement; Debit
Bad Debt ExpenseOperating Expense; Income Statement; Debit
Cost of Goods SoldCOGS; Income Statement; Debit
DividendsTemporary Account; Retained Earnings Statement; Debit
Dividends PayableCurrent Liability; Balance Sheet; Credit
Dividend RevenueOther Income; Income Statement; Credit
Freight-OutOperating Expense; Income Statement; Debit
GainOther Income; Income Statement; Credit
LossOther Expense; Income Statement; Debit
PatentsIntangible Asset; Balance Sheet; Debit
Prepaid InsuranceCurrent Asset; Balance Sheet; Debit
Prepaid RentCurrent Asset; Balance Sheet; Debit
Sales DiscountsContra-Revenue; Income Statement; Debit
Sales Returns and AllowancesContra-Revenue; Income Statement; Debit
Unearned Service RevenueCurrent Liability; Balance Sheet; Credit
Preferred StockStockholders' Equity; Balance Sheet; Credit
Common StockStockholders' Equity; Balance Sheet; Credit
Retained EarningsStockholders' Equity; Balance Sheet and Retained Earnings Statement; Credit
Stock InvestmentsCurrent Asset; Balance Sheet; Debit
Treasury StockStockholders' Equity; Balance Sheet; Debit