Culture sociologists

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ParekhThree different kinds of diversity: dominant culture, reject dominant culture, diversity based on ethnic groups
McrobbieImpact on girls by 'Jackie' magazine - 'slimblondeness'
Skelton and FrancisPlayground dominated by issues of space; boys take up more room - football, girls take up less; skipping
SewellCultural comfort zones
BradleyDifference between passive and active identity
Blackman'New Wave Girls' membership of groups empowered them into assertive femininity
ArcherWorking class Asian boys in North West England - working is feminine and uncool, desire to fit in - traditionally Asian boys are seen as more focused, evidence of greater ladishness
WillisLearning to labour - traditional working class community based around shared culture - manual unskilled jobs in heavy industry dominate particularly in the north
PolemusPost modernist - people can pick and mix their customs and identity
Frosh et alAspirational characteristics of boys - hardness, anti school, sporty. Decline in heavy industry, larger female workforce, increased technology
Bourdieu3 different kinds of capital; economic, social and cultural, middle class at uni is like 'a fish in water'
SkeggsWorking class identities - lives of women who enrolled in college courses - distancing from traditional working class norms and values
Cater and ColemanTeenage pregnancy 10x more likely for a girl from an unskilled background
Mac an GhaillDifferent types of masculinities with class - real english men, macho lads - working class men -crisis of masculinity
ModoodEthnicity=cultures, descent and state of identity, afro-caribbean's more likely to assoc their skin colour with their ethnicity, southern asians cited their religion
Johal and BainsDual identities - british asians - have different identities depending on who they are with - code switching - result of ethnocentric curriculum - some wear a 'white mask'
Parker and SongSouth Asian and chinese ethnic identites - strengthened by the use of websites targeting ethnic groups
SongMany chinese in the UK are employed in food and catering secto
Laslett3 alternative ages of life approach, first - period of socialisation, second - phase of work/child rearing, third - time of independance
MuncieYouths are over represented as deviant and troublesome
ShainPeer group is crucial to youth - Asian girls developed distinct identities in a secondary school to cope with school

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