Cultural Anthro

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Ethnographythe process of discovering and describing a particular culture, based on first hand knowledge
Participant Observation the technique of learning a peoples culture through driect participation in their everyday life over an extended period of time
Informantan individual from whom anthropologists learn from
Respondantan individual who responds to survey questions normally associated with survey research
Subjecta person who is observed by social scientists conducting experimental social or psychological research
Naive Realismthe belief that people everywhere see the world the same way
Ethnocentrism the belief and feeling that ones own culture is best
Cultural Relativismholds that a specific belief or behaviour can only be understood in relation to culture - the system of meaning - in which it is embedded
Culture Shockis a state of anxiety that results from cross cultural misunderstanding
Culture the acquired knowledge that people use to generate behaviour and interpret experience
Tacitknowledge or meaning that is not coded in language
Explicitknowledge or meaning that people are consiously aware of and can be explained
Societya group of people who share a common culture and locality
Cultural Ecologythe way that people use their culture to adapt to particular environments

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