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Question Answer
Delivery instructions, fourth lineUrRobot Karel = new UrRobot(1,1,East,0)
Classtell its capabilities; capitalized
3 things that existbeepers, robots, wall
can be manipulatedbeepers
capabilities in UrRobotturnOff, turnLeft, move, putBeeper, pickBeeper
second line public class Trial implements Directions
third linepublic static void main(String [] args)
voidinstruction does return any values
instruction in java is called amethod
first linepackage kareltherobot
package kareltherobottells ide where to find program information it will need
public class Trial implements Directionsnames the class that we are making and it tells it to use the directions class
public static void main(Strings [] args)the method that the ide looks for when running a java aplication
3 types of wordsreserved (public, void), we made up (Joe, trial), in java library written by others (putBeeper, Karel)
commentingnot read by computer/ compiler
shutdown errorbegins to execute a direction and stops (runs into wall)
compile time errortype something in wrong (lexical and syntax)
lexical errorunknown vocabulary
syntax errorgrammar error
logical erorsrobot ends in wrong spot (bugs)
errors akabugs, mistakes