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CS mnemonics

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Question Answer
ROS for adultsTHEN FR CS PUB SAWID Trauma, HA, Edema, N/V/D/C/abd pain, Fever, Rash/Racing heart, Chest pain/Cough, SOB, Pain in joints, Urinary change, BM change, Sleep, Appetite, Weight, Illness/Infxn, Dizziness
HPI for pain CCLIQORPPPAAA Location, Intensity 1-10, Quality, Onset, Radiation, Previous episodes, Progression (frequency, duration, worsening?), Precipitating events, Aggravating factors, Alleviating factors, Associated sx
HPI for non-pain CCDOCPPPAFAA Description, Onset, Constant/intermittent, Precipitating events, Previous episodes, Progression, Associated sx, Frequency/duration, Alleviating factors, Aggravating factors
History for adultsPAM HITS FOSS PMHx, Allergies, Meds, Hospitalizations, Ill contacts, Trauma, Surgeries, Family hx, OB Gyn, Sexual hx, Social hx (WHARTED)
Social historyWHARTED Work, Home, Alcohol, Recreational drugs, Tobacco, Exercise, Diet
ROS for pedsFEVER SAD CUBS Fever, Ear pulling/discharge, Vomiting, Eye redness or discharge, Rash, Sleep, Activity/lethargy/appearance, Dehydration, Cough/Cold/URI sx, Urination sx, BM (N/V/D/C/abd pain), Seizure/Sore throat
History for pedsPAM IF BIG DEALS PMHx/PSHx/Previous hosp/Prenatal Hx, Allergies, Meds, Ill contacts, Family hx, Birth hx, Immunizations, Growth/development, Daycare/sick contacts, Eating habits, Appetite, Last check up, Sleep
OB-Gyn historyLMP RTV CS PAPS LMP, Menarche, Period duration, Regular?, Tampons/pads per day, Vaginal d/c?, Contraceptive use?, Spotting or post-coital bleeding, Pregnancy G#P#, Abortion/miscarriage, Paps (last Pap, ever abnl?), STI hx?
MSK HPIWET SURFD Weakness/numbess/tingling, Exposure to cold ie. Raynauds, Trauma/Tick bites, Swelling/Stiffness/timing of stiffness, Use improve or worsen, Redness/Rash, Fatigue/Fever/Foot use/inserts, Disability (how affect life?)
LOC DDxCAMP SSS Coronary artery dz, Aortic stenosis/Arrhythmia, Migraine/Meds, Psych/Personality do, Syncope, Seizure, Stroke
DM HTN counselingMEDOWS Meds (regularity, compliance), Exercise, Diet modification (less salty and fatty food), Ophtho exam (annually), Weight mgmt, Sugar checks daily
Diabetes follow upDIABETIC NPH Duration?, Insulin/meds (regularity? compliance? a/e?), A1C, Blurry vision (last eye exam) / Bloating (r/o gastroparesis), Emotion/Energy/Erectile dysfxn (r/o depression), Trauma/foot ulcers, Infxn (skin, cough, URI), Cardiac risk factors (HTN, high cholesterol, stroke, heart dz), Numbness/tingling/weakness, Perfect control of sugar?, Home glucose device?/Hypoglycemic episodes (availability of juice and candy?)
Hematuria DDxHITTERS Heme or coag do, Infection, Trauma, Tumor, Exercise, Renal do, Stones
Hoarseness DDxMR LOVE Malignancy, Reflux (GERD), Laryngitis (chronic), Overuse, Valve (Mitral Valve Stenosis), Endocrine (hypothyroid)
Confusion/memory loss historyFORGETS HIM Fall/Fam Hx of Alzheimer, Orthostatic hypotension, Running urine (incontinence), Gait, Eyes (vision changes?), Trauma, Seizure/speech/sleep/social support, HA, Infxn, Mood (r/o pseudodementia)

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