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CS Lewis Terms 3

Updated 2009-05-09 23:31
[121] StrawberryA horse mentioned in the Magicians Nephew, that was brought into Narnia. He was the first talking horse in Narnia, then became a pagasus named FLEGE
[122] Jane and Mark StuddockMain Characters in THAT HIDEOUS STRENGTH. sociologist, obsessed with reaching the "inner circle" of any social environment.
[123] A Study in Medieval TraditionAn alegory of Love is an influential exploration of the allegorical treatment of love in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
[124] Sub-Creationa word Tolkein coined to signify that while humans might co-create with God, ultimately we arae fashioned by God to create under his influence
[125] The Taothe supreme guide to moral and ethical values, found in the Abolition of Man.
[126] TashHe is the patron god of the ruling class of Calormen. At the end of the series, he appears as a terrible demon with a skeletal, humanoid body, a vulture-like head and four taloned arms.
[127] TelmarinesSix pirates and their wives from our world were shipwrecked and fell through this gap into West Narnia, producing lines of these proud, warlike descendants. They eventually invade Narnia, at the time in disorder, after a famine in their own land and attempt to rid the country of its magic. It is from this line of Telmarines that Prince Caspian is descended.
[128] That Hideous StrengthThe final book in Lewis's theological science fiction Space Trilogy that takes place on earth.
[129] They Stand TogetherThe lifelong correspondence between Lewis and his best friend Arthur Greeves.
[130] ThulcandraThe Name for Earth in THAT HIDEOUS STRENGTH, the Silent Planet.
[131] Till We Have Faces powerful re-telling of the Greek myth of Cupid and Psyche, from the point of view of Orual, Psyche's jealous, ugly sister
[132] TirianLast King of Narnia, seventh in descent from King Rilian, son of Caspian X
[133] TisrocThe supreme ruler of Calormen in NARNIA. Name always followed by: "may he live for ever"
[134] JRR TolkeinGood friend of Lewis' and part of the group named The Inklings. Most famous for The Lord of the Rings series.
[135] The Tortured PlanetPublished version of THE HIDEOUS STRENGTH
[136] TrufflehunterBadger in Prince Caspian. Cares for Caspian X when he is injured while fleeing from Miraz, remains loyal to Aslan throughout
[137] Mr. TumnusThe Faun in LWW who is good friends with Lucy
[138] UndeceptionsThe British title for GOD IN THE DOCK. Book of Essays on Theology and Ethics.
[139] UnderlandIn the book The Silver Chair, its the name of the city that was under a mountain.
[140] UngitIn the book Till We Have Faces this is Glome's Babylonian-style fertility goddess. "signifies the earth, which is the womb and mother of all living things." The great mother and the great devourer, and her cult is one of darkness. Blood sacrifice is important.
[141] University CollegeSmall school in Oxford that Lewis attended
[142] Un-ManIn the book Paralandrea, when Weston invites and evil spirit into his body he becomes the ________. The ________ then tempts the unfallen Green Lady.
[143] VivisectionAn operation on a live animal. Lewis says God is doing this to him in A Grief Observed
[144] Voyage to VenusThe Title that PARALANDRIA was first published under.
[145] Wade CenterLocated at Wheaton College, it's the largest CS Lewis collection in the world. The curator is Chris Mitchel, a Multnomah Grad
[147] Edward WestonThe the evil atheist physicist in the book OUT OF THE SILENT PLANET. He considers humankind the most advanced species in the universe and plans to conquer all planets and repopulate them with the citizens of earth.
[148] Where the Waves Grow SweetVerse spoken over Reepicheep. Referse to Drinkable light, that he would find all he sought there.
[149] White WitchEvil Queen of Narnia that has Aslan killed.
[150] Charles WilliamsMember of The Inklings. Lewis Greatly admired his writings. Influenced Lewis to pray that he would take upon his wifes illness because Williams believed the body of Christ was so interconnected, we could take each others burdens.
[151] Wood Between the Worlds 'linking room' location in The Magician's Nephew, part of The Chronicles of Narnia. A location linking "all woods" in many different worlds.