CS Lewis Terms 2

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[61] InklingsTheological group of Lewis and his friends
[62] The Inner RingEssay written by lewis. In human relations a clique(__________) will form, which brings great temptation to people. You wanna be on the inside, as a result, it will often cause you to lower your morals to please this group.
[63] JewelThe Unicorn in the LAST BATTLE
[64] JoyWife's name. "An unsatisfied desire which is itself more desirable that any other satisfaction"
[65] Andrew KetterlyUncle of Diggory in MAGICIANS NEPHEW. He is the Magician of whom the title speaks.
[66] Clyde KilbyFounder of CS Lewis collection at wheaton college, Wade Center. Knows CSL brother so he gets lots of stuff from Warner Lewis, CS's brother.
[67] KilnsHouse he lived in with Mrs Moore. Also the house he died in.
[68] Digory KirkeThe boy in the magican nephew. He allows the queen jadis into the world of Narnia. He is friends with Polly, Aslan send him to do job and get the apple and bring it to him. Digory then in turns brings it to his mother and she get saved.
[69] William KirkpatrickCLS's private tutor "The Great Knock"
[70] Letters to a ComradeA book of poetry by Joy Davidman. Expressing her views of communism.
[71] Warnie LewisBrother of CSL
[72] Literae Humaniores ("Greats")1. Final Honour School, second part of 4 year degree 2. Classics & Philosophy and ancient history
[73] George MacDonaldIn the book Great Divorce, famous author, plays a teacher for the main character in the book, helps character realizes things about him. Friend and mentor of Lewis in real life.
[74] MagdalenPart of Oxford where Lewis tutored English Language and Literature
[74] Magdalene CollegesCambridge College that creates professor position just for Lewis
[75] MalacandraThe Planet Mars in Lewis' Space trilogy. What Oyarsa is known as when visiting other planets.
[76] MalcolmMade up character from the book LETTERS TO MALCOM. Have a conversation back and forth. About Prayer.
[77] MaleldilChrist(God) Figure in the Science Fiction Books
[78] Many fall down, but few return to the sunlit landsfrom THE SILVER CHAIR. They fall into the underworld, and the people keep repeating it to them.
[79] MerlinCharacter in THAT HIDEOUS STRENGTH. Good example or Lewis taking characters, and baptising them (getting rid of characteristics he doesn't like and holding onto character he does like)
[80] John MiltonEnglish poet who wrote the famous poem Paradise Lost. C.S. Lewis wrote APreface to Paradise Lost.


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[81] MirazThe king of Narnia. Prince Caspians Uncle. Appears in Prince Caspian
[82] Modern Fairy TaleSubtitle of THAT HIDEOUS STRENGTH
[83] Mrs Janie MooreAdoptive Mother until her death, lived with her during the War. Mother of Lewis' army buddy Paddy Moore.
[84] Paddy MooreArmy Roommate who died. Agreement with Lewis that whoever died first the opposite would take care of there parents.
[85] MythGenre of Literature that Lewis Loves. Has the ability to communicate a universal truth. "Ray of truth falling on the immagination of Poet"
[86] A Myth RetoldSubtitle of TILL WE HAVE FACES
[87] N.I.C.E.National Institute of Coordinated Experiments: From THAT HIDEOUS STRENGTH Trying to achieve immortality of man. Backed by dark force. Solve the problems of man through science.
[88] Narnia and the NorthA rallying cry most often uttered by Bree, Shasta, and Hwin in The Horse and His Boy as they flee from their horrible masters in an effort to find the land of Narnia in the North.
[89] OrualThe Queen of Glome in TILL WE HAVE FACES, Main Character. Argument against the gods and why they are unfair.
[90] OyarsaThe head angel like beings in OUT OF THE SILENT PLANET
[91] Fred PaxfordGardener at the Kilns. Inspiration for Peddelglub in THE SILVER CHAIR.
[92] Perelandra2nd Book in CS Lewis' scifi series about the green lady and wild adventures. Lewis' second favorite book he wrote. Venus is the name of the World. Like the Adam and Eve story on another planet
[93] Personal HeresyName of a book CSL wrote with Tillyard. A literar term coined by CSL to describe critics who did not analyse the point of what the poet was saying, but the way the literature revealed teh personality of the author or described where the author got their ideas.
[94] Pevensie childrenThey went into Narnia, become King and queens of a prosperous time for Narnia. They were in Lion witch, and wadrobe, and Prince Caspain, The voyage of Dawn Treader, and Last Battle. There are four of them Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy.
[95] PfifltriggiOne of three rational creatures in OUT OF THE SILENT PLANET. Frog-like creatures were craftsment engineers, digging gold and making artistic objects. Recorded the history and mythology of their planet on monoliths.
[96] PhantastesBook by George MacDonald. Probably most important book of MacDonald to Lewis. The book that baptised CSL imagination about christianity.
[97] The Place of the Lionis a fantasy novel written by Charles Williams. The novel was first published in 1931. Charles Williams was influential in the writing of THAT HIDEOUS STRENGTH
[98] Plummer, PollyThe girl that first went into Narnia, was friends with Digorgy. She was in the book Magian Nephew. Help get the rights things back to Narnia.
[99] PsycheSister of Orule in TILL WE HAVE FACES. She is the Christ figure in that book. Died on a tree.
[100] Marshwiggle PuddleglumThis character acts as a guide to Eustace and Jill as they journey through Ettinsmoor in search of Prince Rilian. A fictional character in the children's fantasy series The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis. Puddleglum only appears in The Silver Chair in which he is a principal character. Puddleglum is an uncommonly cheerful Marsh-wiggle; however Marsh-wiggles are most well-known for their pessimistic views on life. Thus a Marsh-wiggle's idea of cheerfulness is still a rather gloomy personality, and as such Eustace and Jill, fellow protagonists, initially thought of Puddleglum as a "wet blanket".


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[101] PuzzleDonkey in The Last battle who was friends with Shift
[102] RabadashHuman Prince in Chronicles of Narnia. After failing to court queen susan, he goes to war against a neighboring country of Narnia. But is thwarted by Edmund Lucy and Shasta. Aslan gives the captured Rabadash a chance to repent. When Rabadash refuses, Aslan transforms him into a donkey
[103] Dr. Elwin RansomA middle aged professor who is kidnapped by scientist and adventurer Edward Weston. sometimes called "The Pendragon" or "Mr. Fisher-King". He alone communicates with the good eldila. Back from Perelandra, Ransom is a kingly figure among his small band of followers, and is usually referred to as the Director. However, Ransom notes he did not call the organization together; a higher Power did that.
[104] Reepicheep the MouseHe is a large, dark talking mouse who carries a rapier, and wears a red plume tucked in his golden circlet. He descended from a group of mice who gnawed through the ropes that bound Aslan to the Stone Table after the White Witch had killed him; as a result of their service, they became talking mice
[105] Rilianthe son of King Caspian and the grandson of Ramandu the star. When his mother is murdered he goes off in search of revenge and is captured by the Lady of the Green Kirtle. He was bewitched so that he could not remember anything from before his imprisonment, which he was made to think was a rescue from some unspecified danger.
[106] RomaticismReacted against the Enlightenment’s emphasis on the primacy of reason by emphasizing imagination and feeling, and seeking knowledge through intuition. All of the Inclings subscribed to this in some aspect or another. CSL was greatly influenced by George McDonald in this regard. One example of this is in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, which promotes a ransom theory of atonement that is not Biblical but that was popular in the early Middle Ages. This version states that Jesus’ death was a ransom paid to Satan to set people free, the way you would ransom a captive from an enemy. So Jesus’ life was a ransom for a debt owed to Satan not God. To the surprise of Satan, however, Jesus rose from the dead and won. This is definitely not the Biblical doctrine of substitutionary atonement, yet in Lewis’s story Aslan sacrifices himself to the witch for the life of one boy, and there is no mention of sin or of God’s wrath on sinners.
[107] Wimbleweather RumblebuffinOne is of Deadman's Hill, a not too bright giant. The other is a Giant, turned into stone by the White Witch, and freed by Aslan.
[108] George SayerAuthor of "Jack: A life of CS Lewis"
[109] Screwtapea Fiendish devil who writes to his nephew wormwood, about how to attack and bring down the humans.
[110] Eustance Clarence ScrubbHe appears in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Silver Chair, and The Last Battle. In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, he is accompanied by Edmund and Lucy Pevensie, his cousins. In The Silver Chair and The Last Battle, he is accompanied by Jill Pole, a classmate from his school. This Character is portrayed as what would today be called a nerd, as well as a bit of a bully (when he can get away with it). It can be gathered from This Character's behavior, and the tone that Lewis used in describing his family and school, that Lewis thought such behavior silly and disliked it a great deal. In fact, at the beginning of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Lucy and Edmund (heroes from earlier books) find This Character unbearable and hate having to visit him and his parents, though that has mostly to do with This Character's arrogant and unfriendly attitude.
[111] Sehnsucht"inconsolable longing" in the human heart for Joy Lewis uses this in many of his books.
[112] The Seven LordsBriefly mentioned in Prince Caspian and are central to the plot in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the second and third published books, respectively, in the series. In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Prince Caspian sets sail for the Lone Islands and beyond to look for the seven lords who had been sent to explore the lands beyond the Eastern Ocean.
[113] A Severe Mercyan autobiographical book by Sheldon Vanauken, relating the author's relationship with his wife, their friendship with C. S. Lewis, conversion to Christianity and subsequent tragedy.
[114] ShadowlandsFilm about the life of CS Lewis
[115] Shift"the cleverest, ugliest, most wrinkled Ape you can imagine.", the main character in THE LAST BATTLE
[116] Smoke on the MountainBook written by Hellen Joy David (lewis' wife) it was an interpretation of the Ten Commandments for Today.
[117] SocraticClub at Oxford that discussed Christianity and Atheism. This is how Lewis began his BBC radio talks that lead to the book Mere Christianity
[118] Sornone of the rational creatures in OUT OF THE SILENT PLANET on the land Malacandra. The planet's intelligensia with long thin legs, top-heavy bodies, thin faces.
[119] St. Anne'sPlace in THAT HIDEOUS STRENGTH main community where events take place.
[120] The Stone TablePlace upon which Aslan was killed.