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CS Lewis Terms

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CS Lewis Terms

[01] Addison’swalk ¾ miles around maudlin on Madulin campus, oxford. Walk before chapel counter clockwise, day before conversion.
[02] Agape, Sorge, Philia, ErosThe four Greek words for love that were used in the radio talks Lewis gave in the US. He then revised his presentation for the THE FOUR LOVES.
[03] All My Road Before MePublished Diary of CSL from 1922-1927. 483 pages. Gives a good sense of the daily life of Lewis as an Oxford student and his first four years as a tutor at Magdalen College, Oxford.
[04] An Allegorical Apology for Christianity, Reason & RomanticismSubtitle to Pilgrims Regress. Romanticism another term for Joy.
[05] Always Winter, but never ChristmasFrom the Lion, the witch, and wardrobe, statement made about Narnia. Father Christmas eventually comes because Mr. Tumus, Mr. Beaver, states. The curse was broken when the four children arrive to Narinia.
[06] American Lady, AnA collection of over 100 letters that Lewis wrote to an American woman he never met. Ranging broadly in subject matter, the letters discuss topics as profound as the love of God and as frivolous as preferences in cats, offering a rare and private view of Lewis.
[07] And God Came inTitle of the story of Joy Davidson and CS Lewis and their marriage and their life. Phrase is how Joy described her conversion. By Dorsett
[08] Anscombe, G.E.M.A former debater against Lewis. She also beat Lewis at Socratic Club meeting, "reduced him to silence". This causes him to rewrite part of his book miracles. She is a philosophy.
[09] Apostle to the ScepticsBiography of Lewis by Chad Walsh. First Biography written.
[10] AravisThe former princess of Tasban, who escapes with Hwen, and Shasta and Bree. She ends up marry Shasta and living in Narnia. HORSE AND HIS BOY, she is a tarken, raiders runs away arrange marriage.
[11] AslanThe great lion who created Narnia and returns to his land in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wordrobe. He is Lewis' symbol for Jesus Christ as one wh creates, desires relationship, rules, loves, sacrifices and resurrects brining death to evil.
[12] Aslan CountryIt is the equilvant to the heaven of the earth. It is the place where all will go after the final battle ends, when they will be saved from the rest of Narnia. A place of peace.
[13] Aslan’s Howthe secret place where Prince Caspain and those that rebel against King Mriz. They place where all the Narnia have hide and where the plan the strategy against Miraz.
[14] Owen BarfieldLewis' friend at Oxfield, "Read all the right books got all the wrong things out of them" He converted to Antroposophy which lead to the GREAT WAR. Lewis' Lawyer.
[15] Pauline BaynesIllustrator of Chronicles of Narnia covers.
[16] Belburyfrom That Hideous Strength, place where the NICE's mansion is located. It is the head of a murderer whose human leaders are trying to unite its materialist magic with Merlin's old-fashioned magic.
[17] BelsenNazi concentration camp, what he called his school Wynyard
[18] Peter BideAnglican Priest who marries Jack and Joy on March 21, 1957 without permission from the Oxford Bishop.
[19] BodleianWorld Famous Oxford library
[20] BoxenImaginary world of CS Lewis seen in the drawings of his early stories (as a child). Combined from stories about Animal Land and India.


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[21] BreeThe talking horse, form a horse and his boy, he was originally from Narnia but helps Shasta escapes to Narnia, He also teaches Shasta how to ride and become better guy.
[22] Broadcast TalksThe talks he did on the radio and he began to do all his talks about Mere Christianity. It was first series of the Radio.
[23] BulverismEssay. God in the dock. He coined the term describe discounting someone and reasoning by claiming to know heir motivation for their view “you just say that because you a woman. The essay subtitled “Foundation of 20th century”
[24] Bunyan, JohnThe author of Pilgrim Progress. Lewis wrote a book which is a parallel called Pilgrim Regress. It was Lewis 1st Christian book and so complicated that he needed to add people dead to explain his allegory to readers.
[25] Cair ParavelCastle of Narnia, 4 children uses, falls into it, Caspain builds it up again until the last battle. The capital of Narnia.
[26] CalormenThe land in THE HORSE AND HIS BOY that the characters come from (bri arabus, shasta) Land of dark people
[27] Case for ChristianityFirst delivered as an informal radio address during World War II to bring hope to an embattled public, The Case for Christianity is C.S. Lewis's artful and compelling argument for the reasonableness of Christian faith. Dividing his case into two parts, "Right and Wrong as a Clue to the Meaning of the Universe" and "What Christians Believe," Lewis uses all the powers of his formidable wit and logic and the strength of his convictions to shed light on this most important subject.
[28] Prince CaspainThe right next ruler of Narnia, helps lead a rebellion against his uncle King Mriaz, the tenth Caspain in existencance and the King rulers, he is in prince caspain, the voyage of dawn trader.
[29] GK ChestertonA celebrated Roman Catholic convert and author who influenced Lewis. He also wrote in degense of both the Christian faith and fantasy. He THE EVERLASTING MAN, ORTHODOXY, and FATHER BROWN STORIES.
[30] Chronological snobberyA logic term that says everything that is new and resent is more true. Ignors all the wisdom of the past.
[31] Classical Honour ModerationMODS 1) Section of a 4 year degree @ oxford 2) study of Greek and Latin in Ancient texts.
[32] Nat Whilk Clerk"Who is the Scholar" author of A Grief Observed
[33] The CSL HoaxA book writen by LIN SKOG. The hoax is that some of Lewis writings weren't written by lewis. She tries to argue that walter hooper is the one who wrote THE DARK TOWER.
[34] DLFPet name for dwarf trumkin (Dear Little Friend) in Prince Caspian
[35] Dark TowerClaimed that CSL did not written by CSL. Unlike any other books he wrote
[36] Davidman, Helen JoyCS Lewis wife, she was blacklisted for a while.
[37] Dawn TreaderThe boat Prince Caspain uses to travel from one island to another used in the book the Voyage of dawn treader.
[38] De Descriptione TemporumLatin (A description of the Times) – Famous lecture at Cambridge. Prof of medieval and Ressiance Eng literature.
[39] Deplorable Word, TheFrom the book, The Magican's Nephew. When this term is spoken, it destroys all things except the one who says it. It is cut by history of Charn which is one of the worlds in this book.
[40] Devine, DickLeading member of N.I.C.E. Lewis uses this name for Lord Feverstone in THAT HIDEOUS STRENGTH and OUT OF THE SILENT PLANET. The character is a sociopath with great charm.


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[41] DufflepudsVoyage Dawn Treader, Strange monopod creature, magian glorfied evil wizard, secret tour invisible, repeat anybody.
[42] Dymer1) Lewis second published book of poetry under the pseudonym, clive Hamilton, 1926 2) Hero of narrative poem is dymer. In 1916 the idea of dymer is conceived. 3) It views Christianity as one of the false views that can deceive man.
[43] HVD "Hugo" DysonLead Lewis to Christ. Active member of the Inklings when in Oxford. Close friend of CSL able to reprove CSL when needed.
[44] Eagle and ChildThis is a pub also known as the "Bird and Baby". It was a literary destination for university students especially. C.S. Lewis met there every Monday and Friday before lunch to drink and talk with the Inklings group.
[45] EldilaClosest lewis has to an angel like being. serve Maleldil (God). Ransom first encounters them on Malacandra in OUT OF THE SILENT PLANET. They barely can be seen, but are audible. Their overall ruler on a planet is called the Orarsa.
[46] EmethIn LAST BATTLE young colormen of stable hill. Told tash is in stable, and when he goes in to meet him, he meets Aslan instead.
[47] Austin FarrerA distinguished theologian and friend of CSL. He was Chaplain and felow of Trinity College and Warden of Keble College Oxford. Would have been natural person to be presedent of Socratic club, but CSL was chosen.
[48] Floating IslandsPARALANDRA Bits of land that gave vegatation, one form of transportation that Ransom uses. Represents paradise.
[49] The Four SignsIn the Silver Chair, Jill is given ____ _____ for finding the lost prince. Most significant example in the narnia chronicles of scripture.
[49] The Four SignsIn the Silver Chair, Jill is given ____ _____ for finding the lost prince. Most significant example in the narnia chronicles of scripture.
[50] Fox, theIn the Lion, witch and wardrobe was a spy for both teams but sees the light
[51] Further up and further Infrom THE LAST BATTLE, used once they enter the stable to enter deeper into the real narnia. Said by Reepacheep.
[52] GlenstormCeneutos. Prince Caspin. Join him. Ambassodar. Marshall during Peter and Miraz battle or Roonwit – Last Battle and brings the bad news to King Tirian. Dies at Cai Parvial
[53] GlomeFictional kingdom in TILL WE HAVE FACES
[54] Green LadyMain lady in the book Perelandra. Chased down by Unman to tempt her. Represents eve.
[55] Green WitchQueen of Underland, is the main villian from SILVER CHAIR.
[56] Joseph Arthur GreevesTeenaged friend Lewis made while home from boarding school. They were brought together by a common love of Norse Mythology. They exchanged letters for a lifetime, which later became book "They Stand Together"
[57] David and Douglas GreshamJoy Davidmans two sons. Older one hated going to england, been in every religion that ever existed. Younger is genuine evangelical believer, involved in much of CSL happenings.
[58] Hooper, WalterPublisher of Lewis Poems. He would collect Lewis' poems and put them in a book.
[59] Hrossa One of the three rational creatures in the book OUT OF THE SILENT PLANET. They look like a seal, otter and penguin with a thick black coat. Ransom leanrs Old Solar from them. Practical food gathering, penchant for poetry.
[60] GwenHORSE AND HIS BOY Female horse pretending to be dump horse, convinces arabus to run off to narnia with her. First one to offer herself to Aslan.