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The cranial nerves originate fromThe brain and brainstem
Are the cranial nerves are both afferent and efferent neurons which means they aremixed
The brainstem consists of what parts?Midbrain, Pons, and Medulla Oblongata
Deals with flinch and head/neck to visual stimuli movementMidbrian
What does the midbrain have a gathering of neuron cell bodiesNuclei
The nuclei of the mid-brain are involved inEye movement, head and neck movement to visual stimuli
Within the midbrain what releases Dopamine Substania nigra
The cranial nerves for the midbrain Sensory-->body position Motor-->eye movement, pupils, and lens
Midbrain are all things-->Eye

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Pons are all things-->Face
What relays voluntary movements and helps regulate breathing?Pons
It's neuron's are in the cerebral cortex and pre-central sulcus areaPons
Sensory cranial nerves of pons are whereFace and Taste
Motor cranial nerves of pons are whereEye movement, chewing, facial expressions, and tear & salivary glands
White matter of the medulla oblongata containsSensory and Motor messaging (AXON) between Spinal cord and Brain
The medulla Oblongata controlsCardiovasular and Respiratory Centers for breathing
The other nuclei of the medulla oblongata deal withThe yucky stuff: vomitin, coughing, swallowing, and sneezing

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The area of the spinal cord that has grey matterCell body (Central area)
The area of the spinal cord that has whiter matterAxon (Peripheral area)
Where are the Ascending/move up tracts of axons in the spinal cord goingSensory gets signals to the brain (afferent)
Where are the Descending/move down tracts of axons in the spinal cord goingMotor sens signals to the muscles (efferent)
The AFFERENT sensory neurons of the spinal cord do whatsend impulses TO the Sensory cortex of the brain
The EFFERENT sensory neurons of the spinal cord do whatTake impulses FROM the Motor cortex of the brain to skeletal muscles
Spinal cord has what kind of neuronsMixed neurons

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Cranial nerve that deals with smell1. I Olfactory (sensory/smell)
Cranial nerve that deals with vision2. II Optic (sensory/vision)
Cranial nerve that deals with your face7. VII Facial (mixed: motor/facial muscles and sensory/taste
Cranial nerve that deals with hearing and balance8. VIII Vestibulocochlear (sensory/hearing and balance
Cranial nerve that deals with thoracic-abdominal structures10. X Vagus (mixed: thoracic and abdominal
Cranial nerve that deals with tongue motor12. XII Hypoglossal (mixed, but motor to tongue

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Autonomic nerves PNS controlsmooth muscle, cardiac, and glands, bld. pressure, respiration, digestion
The two divisions of Autonomic nervesSympathetic and Parasympathetic
Sympathetic uses what neurotransmitterEpinephrine/norepinephrine
Uses acetylcholine and prepares the body for resting and digesting activityParasympathetic

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