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Name the accessory ossicles Between 1st cuneiform and 1st and 2nd metatarsal basesOs Intermetatarsium
accessory ossicle Proximal 5th metatarsal baseOs Vesalianum
accessory ossicle Accessory navicularOs Tibiale Externum
accessory ossicle Dorsal aspect of navicularOs Supranaviculare
accessory ossicle Sesamoid bone in PB tendonOs Peroneum
accessory ossicle Dorsal, anterior process of calcOs Calcaneus Secondarius
accessory ossicle Posterior aspect of sustentaculum taliOs Sustentaculi
accessory ossicle Posterior aspect of talus (Steida process)Os Trigonum
accessory ossicle Distal to medial malleolusOs Subtibiale
accessory ossicle Distal to lateral malleolusOs Subfibulare
What are the different types of coalitions?Syndesmosis-fibrous Synchondrosis 􏰀-cartilaginous Synostosis -osseous
What is the difference between a coalition and a bar?Coalition 􏰀 intra-articular fusion of two bones Bar -extra-articular fusion
What is the most common coalition in the foot?Distal and middle phalanx of 5th digit
What is the most common coalition in the rearfoot?Talocalcaneal
What is a Steida process?Enlarged Os Trigonum
What ligaments support the ankle syndesmosis?Anterior-inferior tibiofibular ligament Posterior-inferior tibiofibular ligament Interosseous tibiofibular ligament
radiographic findings of OA?Asymmetric joint space narrowing, Broadening and flattening of articular surfaces, Osteophytes at joint margins, Subchondral sclerosis