Cross Cultural

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Which phase of death does Malonowski suggest is importantImmediate mourning
Examples of outbursts of griefAll of the above
In Melanasia, this death act is seen as the supreme symbol of love and respect also a scared dutyFuneral cannabalism
Theory discussed by Becker, suggest more abnormal your childhood experience is, the more fearful you areHealthy minded argument
which theorist encouraged belief in religious teachings as a benefit as maniging enxiety Carl Jung

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How many modes or categories can immortality be expressed 5
Notion we live through offspringbiological
According to Freud the aim of life is death
Aries 5 models of death described death that romanticized othersdeath of other
In which of Aries did primary site of death change from home to institutiondeath denied

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Which describes l ankoufigure who collects soul and spirits of god
which of following is not true of death omensthey center around peacefu; deaths
common intersigne traitcall of an owl
northern cheyenne how many levels of earth are there7
when does northern cheyenne develop spirtitual powerbirth to 12 years

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Which of the following is not a common of Native Americans customsburial before sundown
Vaquieros de alzade believed in 3 types of deathgood, bad, tragic
What is not a common reason of suicide in vaquieros valzada deathsubstance abuse
for much of history whe does death get classifiedwhen heart stops beating
1981 uniform death determination act determined what whole brain death

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which group loves with their relatives after deathtorajan people
carrying legacy on through artwork and sculpturescreative
why is funeral canabalism important to elders of melanasiaspirit lives in through them
two common traits of native americansemphasis on nature, clear roles of family
why is 7 important in norther cheyenne7 major levels to the world

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aim of life is death freud
sweet meicine important all the above
definition of l ankoufigure who collects souls of spirits of dead
vaquieros consider dying of old age asgood death
according to azande witchcraft is the second spear

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which tribe buried living to help with immortalitythe dinka
brentons believed death omens are reinforce the concept of destiny and fate
government of argenitna made 2 official attempts to declare missing persons dead
important landmark in Argentinarecoleta cemetery
every thurdat they march for who went missingMadres de playo

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when is ceremonial weeping expected by andaman islanderspeace making ceremony
two varitation of ceremonial weepingreciprocal/one sided
funeral laments in rural greece are performed byolder women
in greece they belive waiting and shouting at funeral is way to cause illness
laments are celebretorial in greeceweddings
in the illngot tribe red hornbill earings signifyinfividual beheaded someone
which of the following women do not prefer with new bornsdocile

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when considering mortuary rituals rite of sparation includestransportation and burning
endocanabalismeating ones own group
how many times do death believ detah occurs2 times
who dries face in japanese ceremonial bathingchief mourner
who in wari culture is not allowed to eat deceaseddirect kin

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contribution of study of deathrobert hertz
in japanese after dying at hospital where are they broughthome
wari consumeall of the above
final resting place for dayaksandadong
ritual fire from wari peoplewood from all the house villages