Cross Cultural Perspective Mid Term

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The Healthy Minded ArgumentFear of death is a result of life experiences, The more abnormal your childhood experiences with regards to death, the more fearful you are of death
The Morbidly Minded ArgumentFear of death is natural and present in all of us, Fear of death is an expression of our self-preservation instinct
Two main questions in lifeWhat happens to a person after death?, How can a person live without overwhelming anxiety in the face of the certainty of death?
Freud“The Aim of Life is Death”
Carl JungEncouraged belief in religious teachings

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5 modes/categories...of immortalitybiological, creative, theological, natural, experiential transcendence
theologicalsaints and gods
naturetrees appeared dead in japan, blossomed in spring

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Tame DeathEarly church to early medieval
Death of the SelfHigh Medieval
Remote Death16th to 18th Centuries
Death of the OtherVictorian Age
Death Denied20th Century

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Tame Death (500-1100)Death is familiar, simple, inevitable, & inescapable, Death is a public or social event
Death of the Self (High Medieval)The dying person is now seen as a separate individual, Death produces great anxiety for the dying person
Remote Death (1600-1800CE)Renaissance and reformation – change, loosening of religious control, Slight fascination with bodies
Death of the Other ( 1800-1900CERomanticized view of death, Death involves a breaking of relationships
Death Denied (20th Century)Dying persons are isolated in institutions, Death is no longer natural

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L'Ankoulast person to die in a town every year, king of the dead
Common Traits of IntersignesCall of the death bird, Squeaking wheels outside someone’s home, Howling dogs,
ReasonsHelp to create meaning, Supports belief that everything is controlled by fate/destiny
Mallonaskymourn right after death
Types of deathgood, bad, tragic
Navajo creator of human lifema aho

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sweet medicinecheyenne prophet, entered cave, rveered today, council of 44
Council of Forty-Four40 headsman, serve 10 years, wise men, 4 council members are religious leaders
Cheyenne religionworld divided into 7 major levels
First 12 years of life are when a child develops his SPIRITUAL BALANCE
how long does funeral take4 days
Native American funeral traditionendless life cycle, 4 days of honor, family takes care of deceased, respect for earth

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hooting of owlforbodes death
Uniform Determination of Death Act“Whole Brain Death”
How had death been defininedno heart beat
what is the 2nd spearAsande th witch craft is the second spear
famly role in native maerican funealmake funeral arrangements and transport body