Cronica characters

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santiago nasarprotagonist, killed day after angela vicarios wedding
angela vicariodishonored bride, beautiful in her youth
pedro vicariomore serious of the twins, spent time in the army, joins army again after prison, his idea to kill santiago
pablo vicariohe insists on killing santiago, engaged to prudencia cotes, marries her after prison
bayardo san romanmarries angela, from wealthy family, slim waist, golden eyes
purisima del carmenangelas mother, strict, beats angela when she hears of her dishonour
poncio vicarioangelas father, was a goldsmith, became blind from it, dies after pedro and pablo are sent to prison
placida linerosantiagos mother, interpreter of dreams, never forgives herself for misinterpreting santiagos dream of trees and birds the night before his death
maria alejandrina cervantesbrothel maddam, eyes like an 'insomniac leopard', eats excessively to mourn santiagos death
ibrahim nasarsantiagos father, arab, seduced victoria guzman when she was a teenager, taught santiago about falconry and firearms
victoria guzmanthe nasars cook
clothilde armentamilk shop owner
divina florvictoria guzmans daughter, desired sexually by santiago but victoria prevents him
cristo bedoyafriend of narrator and santiago, runs all over town to warn santiago
father amadorpriest, forgets to warn santiago, continues his dominoes game instead
flora miguelengaged to santiago nasar, pretty but uninteresting
xiuswidower with the most beautiful house in the town holding all his wifes possessions, dies of sadness after bayardo forces him to sell it to him
mercedes barchanarrators eventual wife, same name as marquez's real wife, narrator proposes to her at the wedding party
nahir miguelflora miguels father, the only one that warns santiago
luis enriquenarrators younger brother
margotnarrators sister

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