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Question Answer
Denounceto criticize something or someone strongly and publicly
Causticstrongly critical remark
Censurestrong criticism or disapproval, esp. when it is the official judgment of an organization
Denunciationthe act of accusing someone in public of something bad
Excoriationto write or say that a play, book, political action, etc. is very bad
Objurgationa harsh rebuke
Castigationto criticize someone or something severely
Slamto criticize harshly
VituperateA vituperative spoken or written attack is full of angry criticism
Berateto criticize or speak in an angry manner to someone:
Fulminationto criticize strongly
Lambasteto criticize someone or something severely
Belaborto explain something more than necessary, to attack verbally
Diatribean angry speech or piece of writing that severely criticizes something or someone:
Titadea long, angry speech expressing strong disapproval
Chastiseto criticize someone severely:
Decryto criticize something as bad, without value, or unnecessary:
Obloquyvery strong public criticism or blame
Upbraidto forcefully or angrily tell someone they should not have done a particular thing and criticize them for having done it:
Reprobateto condemn strongly as unworthy,a person of bad character and habits